The Clashing of Prints

You may think that there is hardly any print on this outfit but for someone who only wears block colours, this is crazay!


I’ve only just realised that I’m not a huge print person. If you look at my wardrobe it just consists of block coloured items of clothing and a lot of them are black and grey and I think that’s the same colour palette as many other peoples wardrobe as well. The only prints you will see are stripes, which are the key elements of this outfit, because they’re the only print that I find easy to wear.

I work in a clothes shop that sells a lot of White Stuff and Seasalt style clothing, all of which is pattern crazy for this season, and it completely overwhelms me to look through the rails. I try on a lot of items and when I twirl around in that swan printed dress I realise that it is never something I would usually chose to wear.

I find my slight fear of prints quite funny because I considered myself to be moderately eccentric in what I wear but that always consists of things that are block colours. Now that I have realised this I want to try and start branching out fashion choices when I go shopping, instead of just reaching for the basic section.


Looking through this seasons magazines you can see such a variety in fashion because in my opinion fashion has moved on a bit from being just about the trends and doing the same as everyone else. It now favours individuality which I love because I truly want to inspire people to just be themselves instead of looking like everyone else. While some brands use a lot of solid colours such as Victoria Beckham, others go all out with their prints like Versace and Moschino. They all do it so incredibly well and they do it in their own way.

I always see all these amazing prints and wish that I could somehow incorporate them into my own wardrobe or even design them myself and I have started designing some clothing. But maybe I should stop thinking about what all these other brands are doing and continue on with my own block colour wardrobe because evidently that is my style. It’s so hard to find the balance in my mind between wanting to follow the same path as everyone else and wanting to be unique.


I think that this outfit is pretty unique and it sums me up very well, I also stepped widely out of my comfort zone by wearing a bandeau top which is something 2017 Indi would never have done. But I am finally at a mental state where I have accepted my body.

That is off topic but I like the clashing colours of this light coloured kinda stripy top compared to this black trousers which are not great for wearing during summer. In addition there’s the red bandana which I chose to wear as a choker which definitely contrasts the rest of the outfit. And if all those prints weren’t enough I got all my many badges on my jacket. I do have over 30 but there’s only a handful on here because I keep loosing them….


To top off this whole outfit I’ve got my sparkly shoes on which I love more than any other pair of shoes that I own (don’t tell the rest that I said that).

If you read my old blog then you will notice that my hair colour is completely different. I went for a very dark midnight blue this time which I love so much and I feel the need to clarify that I am not going through an emo phase like many people think, I just wantedΒ  a change. These were taken when it was freshly dyed, so it doesn’t quite look that good now.

If you want to know more about the gorgeous location of this shoot then you will have to keep your eyes peeled for a future blog post which is all about Brighton, I don’t want to give too much away…


Outfit details:
Top – Primark // Jacket – (secondhand) // Trousers – (vintage market) // Shoes – The Lilac Room // Bandana – Tiger


Do you wear a lot of prints? Or do you mainly stick to plain colours?





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