Summer Bucketlist 2018

What time is it? SUMMER TIME!

Did I leave my last exam singing that song? Yes. Yes I did.


For those in education I am guessing that you are all on your summer break now. I have been on mine since the middle of June and I don’t start college again until September sometime which means I still have quite a while left.

For some people, the summer is a chance to relax and party and hang out with friends. That is my plan but my plan is to also work quite a bit so that I can actually afford to go out clubbing and saving up for university. But I also want to spend this time off productively by doing things that I haven’t been able to do because I was busy at college, such a blogging, or taking the opportunity to try new things.


I highly encourage you all to go out and do stuff that will benefit you in the future, such as looking more into the career path that you want to do. This may not apply to you but it does to me because I want to go into fashion and therefore I am doing some online courses and going to visit loads of exhibitions and indulge myself in the world of fashion. Just because school/college has ended, it doesn’t mean that you should stop learning because knowledge is so valuable and important.

Every year I create I bucketlist of 50 things that I personally want to complete before starting the new academic year. I am yet to complete one fully but I do it because it gives me things to do when I don’t know what to do, I can just consult the list and see what I haven’t ticked off. There’s so much I want to do so by having it written down in a nice handy list it means I won’t forget it. Instead of sharing exactly what my list with you, I have constructed a list similar to mine of things that you can spend this summer doing if you are stuck for ideas.

Hope you find this useful!


  1. Read a set amount of books (mine is 15)
  2. Make something (eg. painting, clothing, YouTube video, a blog)
  3. Do a photo shoot
  4. Get a henna tatoo
  5. Go to a fitness class
  6. Go to a concert
  7. Go to a museum
  8. Go for a picnic with friends
  9. Get the train to somewhere new
  10. Learn something new (like going to a class)
  11. Watch the sunrise and sunset
  12. Go vegan for a day
  13. Give out compliments to strangers
  14. Stargaze
  15. Dance like nobodys watching (basically, go out and get drunk. Obviously only if you are older)
  16. Look at universitys (if you’re in college then do this now and don’t leave it till the last minute)
  17. Get a new piercing
  18. Marathon a film series
  19. Binge watch a TV series
  20. Get a tan (safely, always wear suncream)
  21. Create a summer playlist
  22. Try a new recipe
  23. Go 24 hours without technology
  24. Make a movie bucketlist
  25. Go on a hike
  26. Pull an all nighter
  27. Learn a instrument
  28. Go rollerskating or skateboarding
  29. Got to a music festival
  30. Start a plant collection
  31. Start a sport
  32. Write a story
  33. Redecorate your room
  34. Start yoga
  35. Swim in the sea
  36. Face a fear/ step out of your comfort zone
  37. Start a scrapbook
  38. Take a photo or a selfie everyday
  39. Build a blanket fort (I’m still a child at heart so would totally do this…)
  40. Go on a shopping/charity shop spree
  41. Start a gratitude journal
  42. Try something new
  43. Meet someone new
  44. Declutter your room
  45. Have a BBQ
  46. Eat a tub of ice cream (I will definitely be doing this)
  47. Order a takeaway
  48. Say yes to everything for a day
  49. Stop caring what people think
  50. Change your appearance (eg. dye your hair)
  51. Spend time with the people that you love
  52. Try and get outside everyday



Obviously some of these cost money and some don’t. We live in a world controlled by money but don’t let that stop you having fun, there’s so much that you can do for free out there!

Let me know which of these you would want to do this summer?

What is on your summer bucketlist?


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