Okay, Let’s Talk About ‘Bikini Bodies’…


I really wish this was something I believed in a few years ago because it would have prevented a lot of unnecessary mental suffering for me. And yes, I’m not wearing a bikini in these photos but this is as close as I get because I don’t go swimming and quite frankly, I only now feel confident enough to actually go out in shorts.

Yes this post is gonna get a little deep and personal but I think that around this time of year it is something that is very important to discuss and talk about. I’m all about inspiring people so I hope this post will do just that.


Body image is talked about so much on social media because everyone deals with it in different ways and has different opinions. Everyone’s body shape is different and while some people are perfectly happy with how they look, some aren’t and there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes we can’t control our thoughts and how we think about how we look and other aspects in our life, trust me I know what this feels like.


Social media actually wasn’t a huge thing when I started secondary school in like 2012 (I think, I don’t remember exactly the year) so it wasn’t until like 2015 when I started to properly took notice of how I looked, when I was around 14/15. I don’t consider myself to be thin or to be fat, I sit in the middle but over the last few years my weight and my shape has fluctuated so much which bothered me so much. But as a teenager that’s a totally normal thing (thanks to puberty and hormones), my diet varies so much from being really good and then some weeks I don’t eat as well as I think I should. I wouldn’t say that I exercise a huge amount, I am quite active in that I will walk everywhere instead of taking the bus.

I consider myself to be curvy which I used to hate but in the last year it’s something that I have come to terms with a bit more. I thought it was something that I could change but I can’t because it’s a genetic thing, I can’t magically make my hips smaller though I wish I could because it makes buying jeans very hard. Yes I have a lot of upper arm fat, but that’s also genetic and I realise that no amount of weight lifting will make that completely disappear because it’s just me. I spent so many years hating how I looked and switching between not eating anything and then eating so much because I was sad about how I looked. This would then affect how I felt mentally.


My mental health hasn’t been great in the past, another genetic thing, and the fact that I felt so negative about myself externally it affected how I internally felt. I would look at all the popular girls at my secondary school who were so pretty and thin and it would make me feel awful and this carried on a little into college. I have never been that popular and even though people have only said bad things to me a couple of times it has really stuck with me and I will never forget what they said. Even to this day many years later.

I don’t really know at what point my mindset switched but it did. I just decided that I wanted to stop living a life controlled by how I look because I was worried that if I wore a pencil skirt or something then people would think I’m fat because I have excess flab on my stomach. I would say that this happened about a year ago and I just realised that I needed to stop caring about what other people think of me and just eat what I want and what makes me feel good and wear whatever the hell I want. Gonna be honest and say that I am a little bit thinner than I was a year ago because I started eating better and exercising, not to loose weight but to gain mental and physical strength and it has genuinely worked so much. I have slacked in the last month and I just made a batch of cakes but I’m not gonna let that get me down about how I look because it was what I wanted to do.

I still have bad days and wearing shorts is still a little out of my comfort zone but I see so many amazing body positivity accounts on Instagram that have helped me so much to keep on not caring about how I look. There is currently a heatwave in England so I have to wear shorts because I hate the heat and it took courage to put this outfit on. I have never had a massive thigh gap and I doubt that I will ever one and when I’m in shorts I am so aware of people staring at me and at my legs but Ima still wear them because I don’t care and I look great so I’m gonna strut past the haters.


You should never say anything bad to someone about how they look because you have no idea how much that can damage them and it will stick to them more than a compliment. Everyone has a different mental state, you have no idea what is going on behind people’s closed doors. I don’t think people, like my friends and family, realise how much I have struggled and sometimes still struggle with how I look because you can never tell on the surface of someone. Sometimes when I can fit into a size 6 item of clothing it makes me feel too thin and that I should eat more, it’s a vicious cycle of feeling too fat and then too thin. But as Joey says in Friends, I’M CURVY AND I LIKE IT.

Self love is so important! You gotta put on that outfit, look in the mirror and tell yourself how freaking amazing you look and how much you SLAY!ย 

Everyone of you reading this is so unbelievably beautiful and you should never forget that! Don’t listen to the media telling you how to get a bikini body because there is honestly no such thing. It doesn’t matter your size, you can still wear one. Don’t listen to what anyone else has to say (unless it’s a compliment, then you should thank them and repay the compliment).

If there’s anything you wanna get off your chest them I am here to listen or you can rant in the comments!


Is body image ever something that you have struggled with before?



10 thoughts on “Okay, Let’s Talk About ‘Bikini Bodies’…

  1. I agree with you, I hate this wave of โ€œhow to get a bikini bodyโ€ every damn summer. As long as you have a body, put a bikini on it, and BAM, here you go! Itโ€™s simple as that. Unfortunately a lot of people deal with body image issues, good luck on your path to being at peace with it ๐Ÿ™‚

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    YASSS, this is my favorite part of this post. I’ll never understand why some people are so concerned with what others are wearing. It’s like society has lost the art of ‘minding your own business’ hahaha. Anyway, great post!

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