You Don’t Have To Wear Designer Clothing

I didn’t grow up surrounded by a lot of money and because I lived in the middle of the countryside it meant that all my clothes were from the charity shops.

I’m not saying this is bad thing because you can get some really nice clothes in them!

I’ve loved fashion for a very very long time, and I’ve been reading fashion magazines and blogs for as long as I can remember and it was hard to see all these gorgeous designer pieces and people my age dressed in expensive things and there was me, on the other hand, in my second hand clothing.

Up until a couple of years ago this really used to bother me. I don’t know why, it could be because I was always insecure of how I looked then. I couldn’t afford to get things from Topshop or River Island, which are the more expensive high street shops in my opinion.

Even when I stepped into the world of adulthood a couple of years ago and got myself a job, I did go out a buy clothes from Topshop because I could afford to but it didn’t satisfy me. I thought that by buying nicer high street clothing would magically change everything and I would magically fit into the fashion industry better. But no. I quickly ditched this and went back to my trusty charity shops, where I felt more at home and I loved everything that I bought.


Everyone has a different style and prefers different things and I personally love second hand shops when it comes to fashion. It’s not necessarily a money thing (even though it does help my bank balance) because I’m working 5 days a week at 2 jobs at the moment, it’s what I grew up with and it’s what I love.

I aspire to be in the fashion industry and when I was younger I always thought that you had to where those Gucci shoes or that Burberry coat in order to fit in and make a living but I realise now that that is really not the case. When I originally started blogging over 2 years ago and I did outfit posts, basically all my clothes were second hand and I had so many lovely comments and I have had so many compliments when I was at college on my clothing. I realised that charity shop clothes was my niche, it was my thing, it was my style and in some ways it was what I was known for.

Sure someday I’ll probably own some expensive designer clothes but at the end of the day you will still find me browsing the rails in my local Oxfam. Additionally all the pieces have a story and a history and because I paid so little for the items, I love to sew them and alter them to make them my own because I would never dream of doing that to something really expensive.


This was something I wanted to write after my friend photographed this outfit for me because the majority is secondhand from this outfit. So the top used to be my Mums, the shirt was my Dads, the skirt was second hand as well as my sunglasses and I even made my cube earrings. The only new things were my pumps from Primark, my necklaces and choker from New Look and my bag from Paperchase which is the most expensive thing on my body.

I wanted to point out that you don’t have to do what everyone else does, just be individual. I do class myself as a fashion blogger and I’m that teenager (or adult?) that gets her outfits from charity shops and is happy.

If you wanna go into fashion then you don’t have to have expensive clothing I truly believe you can make a name for yourself in whatever you wear. Okay so I imagine some people may turn their nose up but that truly doesn’t bother me because I am just happy doing me!


Where do you like to shop? Are you a charity shop sort of person?



8 thoughts on “You Don’t Have To Wear Designer Clothing

  1. I can somewhat relate to this. Growing up, me and my sister never got around to wearing expensive clothes. Mum and Dad always made it a point to make sure we knew money’s worth. And I actually felt insecure about my appearance too because a lot of the girls my age would wear these lovely dresses from Mango and Zara. I love the fact that you still go back to your charity shop clothing and honestly, you look so good in that picture. The clothes look so good on you!!

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  2. My girlfriend and I buy pretty much all of our clothes from a second-hand store and it’s great! Good for the environment (because you’re basically recycling clothes), good for your wallet and usually a much better selection of colours, styles and sizes than the high street stores!

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  3. I can totally relate to this! Where I live, it’s either thrift clothes or fast fashion. And I’ll choose quality over anything else all day. I love thrifting. I think it’s really fun and I love the fact that the peices are almost always unique

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