August Moodboard!

I may not read the news but from social media and reading more fashion magazines than I space for, I like to think I know what is going on in the world.

I love turning the walls in my room into moodboards depending on what I am researching at the time. I had this idea to collate things that take my interest from magazines and to pull out interesting articles that I can either relate to or can talk about. So, this is something I wanted to trial, at the start of every month I want to share important and relevant things that are going on in the world around us and to also show things that will be coming up on the blog over the next month. So a sneak preview of what is to come on my blog in the month of August and just over things that have inspired me.

I hope this makes sense.


These images are all from July/ August fashion magazines and some are fashion related and others are lifestyle related but they are things that I have also seen quite a bit on social media and I feel like I have a lot to say on the topic. I will be talking about them briefly and then there may be follow up post during the month of August.

I would love to hear your feedback on this type of post, if it’s positive then I will certainly be doing it again!


It’s all about 80s fashion for this season.

August is around the time that all the Autumn fashion starts coming into shops and I work in a clothing store so have seen some pieces already coming in. The 80s fashion theme did peak through in the Spring/summer and is continuing on through the next season which makes me so happy because I love everything about the decade and I wish I was an 80s child. The famous power suit is back and bolder than ever which is very fitting with the woman empowerment movement that has dominated 2018, and I really like how it has modern twist and doesn’t exactly replicate those seen back in the day.


I think it’s fair to say that yellow has dominated fashion this year and will continue to do so.

Words cannot describe how much I love the colour yellow and in fact I was known at college for being that one person who love wearing a lot of yellow. It was a label that I was fine with having because I’ve had worse. It’s such a happy colour and reminds us all of the sun which is very fitting with the heatwave that we just had here in England, and it can be tailored to all seasons as it transitions into more of a mustard shade during the Autumn/Winter season. So expect to see the shops still filled the colour for the rest of the year.


We seem to be getting ahead of the game with futuristic fashion.

The space trend took off last year (pun intended) and evidently it’s back for this year but in a slightly different way. Last year was more about the silver colours contrasted with black and everything being metallic and glittery, where as this year seems to be a colour explosion. I love the Moschino Autumn/Winter 2018 collection where most of the models had brightly coloured skin to match their neon clothing. It was so different and certainly futuristic. I love channeling this theme in my make up which is very colourful at the moment and is definitely something I will be sharing this month!


Apparently over future decades our life expectancy continues to rise so we will be expected to live longer.

I have this odd sort of fear of the future so when I read multiple articles about this, I kinda freaked. This both amazes and terrifies me because 100 years is a very long time and I’m only 18 so I have very long time left. Reading things like this and also having lost a close family member very recently it has kinda given me a new found respect for life and I want to do more with my life than lying on my bed all day binge watching Riverdale.


Social media isn’t all fun and games as it leads to loneliness.

This was something I could relate to which is why I picked it out and I’ve read so many different articles on loneliness and the benefits of ditching our phones which is something I would want to try for a few days as I spend a lot of time on it. Everyone thinks that the phone and social media is so revolutionary which it is, but it has it’s side effects which people are realising now with the increased popularity of mindfulness. This really makes me question what will happen in the future with people’s health and technology because I think one could be used to help the other.


My only plans for this month is work and maybe the odd day out so expect some outfit posts this month. The response to my new blog has been amazing so thank you to everyone for the love and support and I hope it continues into the next month and all the ones after it!


What are your plans for this month? What are you looking forward to this month?



2 thoughts on “August Moodboard!

  1. These moodboards are amazing. Very creative and really puts another perspective on things. I’m really sorry for your loss. And Riverdale is so worth a binge but I know what you’re on about. I’d like to cut back on time on technology too. Too much time wasted on it.

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