How A Belt Can Save An Outfit

I may only own one belt but I have started wearing it with every single outfit because I think it can make it go from a 9 to a 10!

I’m trying to be more positive about my appearance and with this comes experimentation with things that I wear and I feel a lot happier when I just throw a belt onto a dress or a skirt or anything really. It may not make sense that I feel happier but when I dress good, I feel good!


In my opinion it all comes down to body shape and different items of clothing suit people differently because of their proportions and shape. Everyone has a different shape so it’s all about what makes you feel like a queen (or a king cause equality) and what you think suits you. Don’t ever let other people tell you what to wear. Wear what you want.

So to clarify, this is not me telling you you need to wear this. I just think that this suits me best.

I consider myself to be moderately curvy because it’s impossible to find trousers that fit both my hips/thighs and my waist so I end up having to belt every pair of trousers so they don’t fall down.


I have started to embrace my curves a wee bit more by placing a belt onto my dresses and this pinafore so that the waist becomes more nipped in. A lot of clothes I own are not completely fitted so I think that it makes me look like I have no shape but by adding a belt it adds my curves back in. As you may be able to see, this pinafore doesn’t have any belt loops but it sits perfectly on my waist and I don’t find that it moves about.

Another favourite of mine is to wear one with a pair of oversized dungarees so that it doesn’t me look on the larger side. Not gonna lie it is a pain when you need to go to the toilet but sometimes style has to come before practicality…. okay in my case style usually comes before practicality….

(you can see my curves more clearly in this one)

I also add belts to dresses that are already fitted at the waist just to add some detail to the outfit. I’ve never really been great at accessorising outfits so this is my attempt at trying something new and stepping out of my fashion comfort zone.

My next step is to invest in some more belts because I only own this one belt that I borrowed off my mum two years ago and am yet to give it back because I really love it. Looking around shops, a lot of belts seem to be black but I prefer brown ones because they stand out more and I am not a fan of adding studs and additional things onto belts. That’s just my opinion.ย  Another great place to find a good belt is the charity shop because then you will find more of a variety and they’ll be from many seasons in the past because like clothes, belts have trends as well.

So I encourage you to try something a lil different like adding a belt to an outfit and see how much you like it!


Looking in recent magazines, I’ve seen quite a few belts but they are usually placed on coats and jackets as the autumn clothing is starting to be released. Sometimes they use the same colours so that it matches the garment but other times they use a contrasting colour. This makes it really stand out which I personally love!

There’s so much variety when it comes to belts because they can be any colour and any width and also there’s so many different fastenings because not all ones have a buckle and some in fact just tie up. I can definitely see this trend carrying on throughout the winter months.


Pinafore – Primark // Top – secondhand // Shoes – Primark // Bag – Paperchase // Hoop earrings – Primark (there’s a trend here in where I shop…)

(well done to those who noticed my hair is now ginger. Got kinda bored of the blue and I’m loving the ginger!)


Is this something you have ever tried before??



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