The Zodiac Oracle – Book Club #2

I’ve been interested in astrology recently and after reading this book it’s fair to say that I am now hooked and I think it’s such an interesting topic.

I totally get that it is not something that everyone believes in and I totally respect that because everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs. I know that there’s a lot of people who don’t believe in astrology and reading your future in the stars because it’s not based on any scientific evidence so some people may not think any of it is true but it is something that I believe in. This is not me pressing my views onto anyone, just expressing my opinion.

I know I didn’t have to put that but I felt it necessary.


Anywayyyy…. After doing some initial reading into the horoscopes and zodiacs, I decided to buy a book that went into a lot more detail and I had a 5 hour train journey so I knew this would be perfect to pass the time and it really worked.

This is called the Zodiac Oracle and is written by Alice Ekrek and I would describe as a beginners guide to astrology and understanding more about the stars and your future. I was initially drawn to the cover because I love all the drawings and you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but I totally did.

This book is split into 4 sections. The first talks about your birth chart which is easy to find online and there’s websites that will construct your for you so I’d recommend doing that. This part of the book everything that you will see on your chart and it explains what different things mean, and there’s loads of diagrams which helps to make it more understandable. The next sections discusses the planets and what they can mean in relation to your birth chart because they are in different positions for everyone. It goes through all the planets and discusses the meaning of them and other important things that relate to that planet such as the zodiacs, colours and keywords. Next is goes more into depth about each of the 12 zodiacs and the different things and characteristics that belong to that sign and it explains the meanings of all of the symbols. Finally is the day by day oracle which has information about every date of the year so you can use it to find your birth date and find out more information and the planets all surrounding that day.


The fact that it is split into sections and subheading made it much easier to understand and digest because there is so much information packed into this book and so the headings make it easier to come back and review and particular topic.

There is so much to take in in this book. I never realised how much there was to astrology that I had no idea about and once I finished this, I did feel a little overwhelmed so I am definitely going to go back and reread it one and also make notes so that I can retain more of the information. There was things that didn’t make sense to me so I will definitely look online to understand them and find out more.

As a beginner in this subject this book was perfect! It started right at the basics by describing what astrology is and I found that everything was explained in simple ways to make it a bit easier to understand and the diagrams really helped.

I would personally read this after you’ve gone online and had your birth chart drawn up because that will make things make a lot more sense. I was going to do that but because I was on a train I was unable to do it but I shall be rereading this and so will learn from my mistake.


I have learnt so much from this book and I mostly remember a lot about the Pisces sign because I am one! I’ve always known that I have similar characteristics to a typical Pisces and reading this really made me see how much I am like the sign and I learnt so much more information like the planets associated with it and the colours and the fact it’s a water sign.

Trust me there is so much more to astrology than just your horoscope.

Reading this has made me so fascinated with the planets and the stars and how they are aligned, I just think it’s so interesting! So if you are wanting to learn more then I would highly recommend this book and I picked in up in the Works for Β£3 but I’m sure there are many other places that you can find it.

After reading this I am definitely going to be doing further research and it’s something that I want to talk about more on my blog because I’m really interested in it, so expect to see some posts on it in the future!


Are you interested in astrology? What’s your zodiac sign?



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