How Hard Is It To Spend A Day Without Your Phone?

To sum up my day without my phone, I can safely say that it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be!

To put this into context, here is a quick storytime to explain why I decided to attempt to do this:

I have such mixed opinions about phones and the damage that they are doing to us and I keep wanting to spend less time on it and spend more time in reality but that never seems to happen. So I decided to stop being so lazy and to just do it! I put a poll out on Twitter and you all voted to say that you wanted to read a post about my challenge so here we are.

When I have a day or evening off, which is not very often because I work a lot, I just find myself sitting on my phone endlessly scrolling and watching YouTube video after video and doing this makes me feel so unproductive but at the same time I can’t help myself. I consider myself a very creative person and I have all these ideas for things I want to do and my lists of things I need to do are so long that I am slightly ashamed because instead of doing these things when I get from work I sit on my phone or my laptop.

I took on this challenge to see if I could do it. To test how good my self control is (it’s not very good when food is involved, I can say that). I wanted to see what my productivity levels would be on a typical day off and see how much I could get done because it’s not long till I start college again and I’ve got a lot to do!


I did set myself some rules because I really wanted to do this properly. I could have turned off my phone but instead I just turned off the WiFi and put it away from my desk where I was working during the day. I kept it on in case of emergencies which is understandable and I only checked it twice throughout the day to see if I had any texts or any missed calls but the internet remained off.

I also decided to not go on my laptop either because I wanted to steer away from as much technology as I could. I don’t generally use my laptop a lot, I only turn it on in the evenings to watch movie or write a blog post so I found this one very easy to resist.

The only exception to this no technology thingy-ma-bob was my tablet which I used only for Spotify because I literally can’t live without music. I can’t sit in silence, I have to have the radio on or some music blaring so I had my Beyonce playlist playing to keep me motivated throughout the day… I did use it a couple of times to Google the definitions of some words for a project I am currently doing but I promise that was it.

I ended up reading about 2/3 of this book!

Originally I was going to do 24 hours, so 6am till 6am but truthfully I only lasted 13.

As soon as I got at around 7am, I didn’t look at it and it stayed that way until about 8pm. I don’t know what happened but I just felt like I had to go on my phone and as soon as I turned the WiFi back on and the notifications started coming back through I knew there was no turning back!

Throughout the day I found a lot of things to occupy my time and I had made a to do list of the things that I needed to get done on my rare day off from work and I got most of them done and even tidied my room for some extra bonus points. It actually felt so nice to get away from my phone and to just be me dancing around my room (I have no shame) in some comfy clothes with no make up on, and actually getting stuff done. I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I am productive, don’t judge, so to get stuff done that I’ve been meaning to do was so great!

Being confident with no make up on with my non existent eyebrows…

It was after dinner when I was starting to wind down and pack away what I had been doing when I started to long for my phone. I originally just went on it to check my emails to check about work but then the notifications started coming through and I couldn’t help myself. I don’t know the scientific wording but I have definitely read somewhere that some hormone is released when our phones ping because it’s like someone wants to talk to us to you are longing to know how well your tweet or insta photo did.

Social media is this worm hole that sucks you in and it’s hard to get out of it.

I know it was only 12 hours, but I definitely feel like this taught me a lot. Firstly I learnt that I need to get off my phone because important things won’t get done otherwise and this day clearly showed that my productivity levels are higher.

There’s so much more than the online world and I really want to start spending more time outside and with my friends and family because reality is so much more important than followers and likes. Basically my future career is more important than a tweet and therefore I should be doing things now that will help me in the future instead of scrolling.

However I also learnt how much we rely on our phones and we actually do need them. For example at both of my jobs, the main method of communication is via email and text and therefore I need to keep my phone on me to see if there’s any changes or if somethings happened. Additionally if something happens to a family member then they would contact me via my phone. I can hate phones and social media as much I like but they are actually amazing pieces in technology and I don’t know where we would be without them.

So following this I really want to spend less time on my phone and dedicate my time to things that matter like my family and friends and projects that will benefit my future. Obviously I would love to spend all my time on social media trying to expand my blog and boost my social media following but there’s more important things to life in my opinion!


What’s the longest that you have gone without your phone?



2 thoughts on “How Hard Is It To Spend A Day Without Your Phone?

  1. I totally agree. Social media is a wormhole. I try my best to have a day or two off of social media but it’s hard to do that as a blogger. And my work communicates mostly through emails and texts too so I have to have my laptop or phone near by.

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