Here Comes The Sun, doo doo doo doo

This title is very fitting seeing as this heatwave is apparantly never gonna end here in the UK and my Irish skin can’t cope with these temperatures.

Anyway, today we are not ranting about the weather. Instead I am ranting about the colour of the season and my all time favourite colour. YELLOW.

If you follow my Instagram then you may already get the idea that I love the colour yellow more than anything and you would be correct in thinking that. I love it so much that I painted half of the walls in my bedroom a gorgeous mustard yellow shade and I was also known at college for loving the colour so much! I have no shame.


Top – H&M // Pinafore – Primark

In terms of fashion, I think that it’s fair to say that yellow has dominated the season which is very surprising seeing as most people wear black and grey nowadays and yellow is the complete contrast. Now I’m not talking about a yellow highlighter colour (but if you wanna wear that colour then I’m not one to judge) I’m talking about the more toned down sort of yellow such as a mustard shade or a golden shade. It’s still quite in you face, but not so much that you are required to wear sunglasses. Do you get me?

I actually read an article recently in an edition of Elle explaining the recent explosion of the colour into shops and they were discussing how it has become the new millennial pink. You remember that dusky pink sort of shade that was around a lot at the end of the last year? Yeah so yellow is the new pink. (and orange is the new black).

Bag – Accessorize

Although it was forecasted last year to dominate the summer and also the winter of 2018, I think it’s fair to say that we have Beyonce thank. When you ask yourself what would Beyonce do, and you see she wore a yellow jumper at her headlining Coachella performance you therefore have to go out and get one for yourself. I mean, what can’t we thank Beyonce for nowadays?

I’m most likely wrong but I think there’s more to the colour than what you see. I think a lot of people will agree with me when I say that the world is not in the best place right now and lets put it this way, everything is going wrong. There’s a lot of negativity around in terms of politics and the environment is not in the best place and we just seem to be in a place at the moment. Yellow has so many positive connotations and I think that when you see such a bright and happy colour it makes you feel that as well which is really what society needs right now. You may think this is bullshit but it’s just my opinion.

Top – H&M // Skirt – Louche
Top – Zara // Skirt – Primark

When planning photos for this post I wanted to piece together some outfits using my own yellow clothes and it dawned on me that I clearly own wayyyyy too much yellow clothing, I don’t think I need this many items but I am immediately drawn to the colour in any clothes shop that I go to. The only item of clothing that I do no own is a pair of yellow shoes but don’t worry, they are on the very long list of things I want to buy but won’t because I am saving money for university.

I reckon a lot of people could feel overwhelmed when they see the colour but it’s actually so easy to wear because it matches and compliments nearly every other colour. I mean, there’s some that are worse than others such as pairing it with pink if you wanna look like one of those rhubarb and custard sweets. And I wouldn’t pair it with black unless you wanna look like a bee. However I love pairing this jumper with my vintage trousers because they have the orange striped going through them with dial down the bee look a bit.

Jumper – H&M // Trousers – Vintage

All the clothing I own is a slightly different shade and I most particularly love the darker shade of the beanie which is perfect for Autumn and totally contrasts the sunshine and summer vibe that I started this post with. I am already preparing for Autumn buy buying this and I shall be purchasing many other orange and darker coloured clothing which are already filling the shops.

Don’t be afraid of trying a colour that is so bold, try something new and perhaps a little of your comfort zone!


Did you jump on the yellow trend?



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