Different Ways To Wear A Silk Scarf

I love it when an item of clothing serves more than purpose. And not only that, it looks cute too!

I could pretend that I got this scarf somewhere funky and fancy but I would then be lying. In fact I got it for 99p in a charity shop!

I’d seen loads of people on Instagram sporting these scarves in their hair and I loved how it looked but didn’t want to spend a lot of money which is why I headed straight for the charity shop, my favourite place.

This particular one that I picked up is bigger than the ones that I had seen online which is what prompted me to write this post because I realised that I could use it for more than one thing. You should never underestimate the things that you can find in charity shops, which is something that I will never stop preaching on this blog.


Firstly is a decorative belt. Which is basically a belt that serves no purpose. It’s just there to add a lil bit of jazz to an outfit.

Luckily this scarf is long so that I was able to roll it up and tie it around my waist and I think that the multiple colours in it compliment the block colour of this burgundy jump suit from New Look. This is very similar to what I wrote in my post all about how a belt can save an outfit.


Next is a functional belt which requires no explanation at all. I’m gonna admit and say that it doesn’t quite hold up items of clothing as well as an adult belt and you do have to keep retying it buttttttt style before practically, am I right?

So that the ends don’t annoy me throughout the day I always tuck them into the belt loops.


Next is a variety of ways that you can wear these scarves in your hair, which is how I’ve seen people wear them. Also, yes, I’m not wearing any make up so lets just excuse that.

First is the very obvious way and that is just a regular headband, tied at the bottom of my head. Not so original, I know.


Yes this is exactly the same as before but I just put my hair up in a ponytail.I like having the fabric trailing down my back but I know this might not be for everyone so you could always tuck it in just like with the belt.


Now this is the same as all those aesthetic photos I saw on Instagram, they tied it around the hair tie which I actually think is an imaginative way of wearing it. They had much shorter ones so they had less fabric trailing down their back, and even though I have quite long hair it’s still a lot of fabric. Hopefully one day I will have grown out my hair long enough.


This style moves straight on from the other one so I just plaited my pony tail. I think this is my favourite one so far because it’s a practical hair style and it looks hella fancy.


Last but not least is another plaited one which is a similar concept to the last one. So to do this, I tied it around my head in a headband and then did a side plait.

As much as I love this one, it’s not as practical because my hair just does not ever stay in a side plait but I’m sure it would work on so many other people’s hair.


I hope that you liked this style of post, as it’s something a little bit different. I’d love some feedback!


Which one of these ways is your favourite? Is this something that you would wear?



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