What Makes the Classic Power Suit so Powerful

The power suit that played a huge part in fashion in the 80s is back but in a slightly different way.


I really love how everything in fashion has a cycle and how once it has had it’s turn being in the spotlight and being in trend, it lies low for a while before reemerging many years later. The things with the suit is that I don’t think it ever really goes out of season but this year it seemed to dominate a lot of the runways which I think shows a lot about where we are as a society.

This could just be me being crazy, but to me, fashion isn’t just clothing. It represents so much about society of the time and I think that you can tell a lot from a person from what they wear because without knowing it, everyone has their own unique styles.


The power suit in particular played a huge role in the 1980s and I’ve seen it pop up so much in fashion magazines recently. Nowadays the massive padded shoulders are not so much a huge thing but the suit itself remains the same. In fact Kylie Jenner did post a photo on Instagram in a hot pink dress with shoulder pads which could potentially suggest that they are making a comeback, so who knows?

Using the term ‘power’ relates to what life was like in the 80s which is very different to life today and the term ‘power dressing’ was used to refer to female workers starting to enter more typical masculine environments and wearing these ‘power’ clothes would help to gain authority, respect and power at work. So effectively the power suit was a more feminine take on the male suit that the women would have worn to work, as a way of making them feel confident I guess.

In today’s workplaces, I know that they are less strict on uniforms, particularly in office environments which goes to show how female stereotypes have moved on. So things like office jobs are no longer seen as being a male job which I think is shown through the uniform. Even though times have changed I know that this is not always the case and there’s still such a gap between men and women with pay for example which annoys me so much but I don’t want to rant about gender stereotypes now because we could be here a while.


However I think that that could be one of the reasons that the power suit has come back and how the term power and 80s fashion has come back in because there is a lot going on right now in politics and the news particularly surrounding women so the power suit is what is needed to help us feel confident again. With things like the MeToo movement and so many other things that are going on right now in today’s society surrounding women, the power suit is what is needed to uniform everything.

Furthermore even though I am talking about how the power suit links in with women, this isn’t always the case because fashion has changed a lot since the 80s with unisex clothing rising in popularity. I am all for genderless clothing because I don’t think clothing should be labelled with genders (I’ll rant about it on another day) so it’s great to see both men and women in their power suits.


I’m sure if everything gets sorted out and when we reach the day when there’s no more gender stereotypes and gaps between men and women, we can stop calling it the Power Suit because hopefully everyone will feel powerful and the world will be a better place. Butttttt I know that that day is a very very very very very long way away and the chances are that it won’t be in my lifetime but I’m going to keep protesting for equal rights because it’s the 21st century and things need to be sorted out.


Anywayyyyy I don’t wear suits but I do have a blazer that I sometimes wear with a pair of matching trousers that is the closest I will ever get to owning a suit. I genuinely feel powerful when I wear it and I feel like a classyΒ  business women who can strut down the street with confidence. I think that it is mainly to do with the associations around the suit and how people associate them with people of power because, lets be real, you always see those important people running the country in suits and they’re pretty powerful people.

So if you’re ever feeling a little down or need some confidence for an interview then put on a power suit and you can conquer the world!


I’d love to know what you think about the power suit and if you would ever wear one yourself?



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