Wearing The Rainbow

I’m not one to follow the latest make up trends but recently my make up is actually non intentionally on trend.

Not sure that made any sense but basically I’ve been seeing make up becoming so colourful which is a change from when everyone had dark smokey eyes a few years ago.


I like to stand out from the crowd and my usual smokey eye was not doing anything for me so I wanted to try something different and when I saw this palette from MUA for a whopping Β£4 I knew that would be my new thing. Literally since buying this I have worn it basically everyday and not to boast or anything but I have had a lot of compliments from friends and from customers at both jobs where I work.

Just to make a point, I don’t wear this for the compliments, I like to be different from what everyone else is doing but as cheesy as this sounds I see make up as art. I just wanted to make a post to share some experimental looks because why not?


I hear some people say that they wouldn’t know how to wear such colourful make up and I get where you are coming from but I’ve gotten to the point where I’ll where all the colours of the rainbow on my eyes! I would start with just one colour all over the lid then maybe experimenting by adding some additional colours! Just go crazyyyyyy…..

I know these looks are very out there but I tried to copy some from some magazines, particularly the beauty sections, because they’re so bold and LOVE THEM. I’m not one for watching beauty gurus on Youtube so I don’t think they’re looks are quite as crazy as some of these but I encourage you guys to try and be more bold with your looks!


I get a lot of inspiration from Instagram, so if you post your make up on insta then let me know what your username is so I can follow youuuuu!


do you wear colourful make up???



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