Sustainable Fashion is the Future

Sustainability is a topic that is been talked about so much over recent years as people are making more of a conscious effort to save the planet.

You may have seen that the September issue of Elle is dedicated to sustainability and I had seen other people talk about the issue and I wanted to also express my opinion on it.

My knowledge on ethical fashion is limited, I would say, I do follow quite a few bloggers that specialise in that area so I have learnt some stuff from them but it’s always something that I wanted to know more about. I was happy to see that a major magazine is addressing important topics such as this because I think they have such a huge influence on people and reading it has made me want to make some changes.


I would say that I am a conscious consumer because I think about what I am spending my money on instead of impulse shopping. So with clothing I make sure that it is something that I know I will get a lot of use out of or is secondhand and after reading this magazine it has inspired me to think even more about what I buy. Sooooooo I have decided to not buy any new clothing between now and the end of the year aside from anything that is second hand. The only exception is work uniform because I work in a clothing shop so have to buy the clothes. I’m hoping I can succeed in this challenge and will let you know at the end of year how it went!


It was, over all, a very insightful issue. I still got to read all about fashion whilst still getting my monthly dose of what is in this season!

At the start of the issue they put in lots of facts about the magazine and how they even made it from recycled paper and I truly think it’s awesome how they’ve put so much effort into making it as sustainable as possible. They even admitted that it’s not the most sustainable as the cover is made from normal paper but I still think it’s a start.They included some statistics and it showed how people want to know more about being environmentally friendly but it would interesting to see how many people actually do sustainably shop.


The first section that I love was talking about different ways that you can upcycle your old clothing which I found to be an interesting one to put into a fashion magazine which is trying to sell new clothes. The purpose of this section was to inspire ways to make your clothes last longer and to just upgrade it into something new, which is what I stand for. I haven’t showed much on here but I do love to upcycle a lot of my clothing which is something that I am wanting to do more after reading this issue, instead of buying clothes from new.


The article that got me interested in what is in my wardrobe is from a fashion journalist, Pandora Sykes and she was discussing how she has so many clothes because I guess when you’re in fashion you have to renew your wardrobe every season. She is considered an influencer so when she buys something and posts it on Instragram in some ways she is also encouraging other people to buy it to, if that makes any sense? She talked about having a sustainable wardrobe is also about how you wear the clothes as well as where you shop from because you should try to extend the life of items buy reselling items instead of just throwing them out. There’s so many people out there who would probably want it even if it’s not in the best condition.

Places like Depop are perfect for reselling clothes which is what I am going to start doing when I get my act together.


In addition to fashion they talk about beauty as well and where you can get good skincare products that are sustainable. On the other hand it is harder to find make up that it sustainable but apparently it is on the rise which is good because I want to start buying my make up from better brands and specifically ones that don’t test on animals, so I hope to see more green brands in the future.

I didn’t know that glitter was in fact bad for the environment which makes me feel super bad because I own and wear a lot of glitter. So now in the future I am going to think where I buy it from to make sure that it’s biodegradable so that it doesn’t harm the environment!


Over all reading this has really made me think differently about what I own and what I will buy in the future and if you haven’t read this issue then I’m pretty sure it’s still for sale and I recommend you picking it up. Ethical fashion is something that I am very interested in learning more about so this is a great starting point!

Would you say that you are conscious of what you buy? If you’ve read the issue then what did you think about it?



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