Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

Not only is this a great and terribly catchy song from Jess Glynne, it’s also very true.

I could make some huge rambly apology about my very long absence but I don’t feel the need to because it’s okay to step back from things.

Towards the end of the summer I felt like I was rushing my posts and not putting that much effort into them because I was more concerned about sticking to my schedule. I’m realising now how this is all pointless because I don’t really think that people care that much about other people’s blogging schedules. The content is so much more important and I wasn’t putting out my best work, in my opinion, therefore my stats were down because of the Law of Attraction and all that jazz.

So yeah. I was putting too much pressure on myself to upload every 3 days until it got to a point where I realised that I needed to step back. I have ended up taking about 100 steps back to the point where it feels unfamiliar to open WordPress and sit down here and type out some words.

Young adulthood is stressful, not gonna lie. As well as juggling 2 jobs, I am at college 5 days aΒ  week and have many projects going on the side and am trying to apply for uni and basically decide what I am wanting to do with my life. There’s only so much that my brain can handle which is why blogging had to be tucked away for a while.

Take it from me, you can only do so much. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to be doing all these things because you will have a break down. (take it from someone who has had 2 breakdowns this week). Focus on those things that are a priority in your life, so for me it’s college above everything else. So yes this means I have had to leave one job but it allows me more time to focus on the important things such as coursework and applying for university.

I have been through the education system here in the UK so I know how much pressure that is put on you throughout secondary school. It’s a lot and it can affect you mentally which explains why mental health rates in young people are through the roof. So if you are a young person then don’t give in to this pressure, just go at your own pace because you can only do so much and your mental health is more important than any grade you will receive. To be honest, in the grand scheme of things grades are all that important. If you are wanting to do an art subject, like myself, then grades are basically pointless.

I genuinely think that I have forgotten how to write blog posts and I really have no idea what the point of this post was, I just felt the need to explain how you should go at your own pace in life and don’t put so much pressure on yourself. I have no idea when my next post will be because things are very busy at the moment but I am thinking about taking another month off and then doing blogmas? Hopefully all uni stuff will be sorted out by the new year (ahahaha I hope) so I can put a little more effort into my little place on the internet!

If you have any post suggestions that I can do for blogmas then that would be much appreciated! ❀

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