How To Realistically Slay The Rest of 2018

I actually can’t believe that it is basically the end of the year and I am well aware that everyone is saying that at the moment…

2018 has been the best year in such a long time and I know that 2019 will be better because I have totally altered my mindset this year to be much more positive! I have learnt so many things about myself and about the world this year which have shaped me into being a better person so I am grateful for that but obviously this year has had it’s downs as well. I’m not gonna mask that because I am only human.

November is always a difficult month for me because my motivation kinda gets left behind in October and college is always tough at this point. So even though half of me wanted to completely give up the rest of 2018, I have switched my mindset and am determined for this month to be fab.u.lous!

Now I watch these type of videos all the time but the advice is never that useful (no hate) so I hope that these tips will actually help.

Don’t bother checking your New Year resolutions because lets be real here, you forgot about them, didn’t you?ย I have nothing against them but we all forget them after a couple of months, so instead of reevaluating them, just think of some new ones! Things will have happened through the year that may have stopped you from running that 5k or losing a certain amount of weight or from becoming president. I think that they should be scrapped and you should jot down what you want to REALISTICALLY achieve this month. It doesn’t have to be massive. It just has to be realistic.

It’s never too late to start over… Everyone always has this thing about starting fresh on Jan 1st by changing their diet and exercising and things like that. However I think it’s SO important to forget about that and if you wanna change things in your life then don’t wait until the first day of the year. Just start now. I think that the situation can sometimes get worse if you hold off to start over. The start of the year is less than a month away, and ifย  you’re not happy then you need to make a change right now. Don’t put it off because your mental health is the most important thing in your life!

If you are struggling with things in your life, such as your mental health or relationships or something then I think that now is the time to get help. Now this is extremely hypocritical of me because I am honestly terrified to ask for help surrounding my mental health which is not so great at the moment… but I want to reach out to those close to me at the moment and be honest with myself about how I’ve been. It’s not great to hold all your feelings inside. I know this feeling. I know it’s scary BUT whoever your talking to will not judge you and they will definitely help you. If you get help now then you can start off the year in a more positive mind set.

Journaling is an actual life saver!!!!! I know that it sounds unbelievably cheesy to just write down your feelings in a notebook and reflect on your life, but it will help you so much. Even if you don’t struggle with your mental health I still think that it is important to do something like this just so you can see where you are in your life right now and where you can be improving. I always find that once I start writing things down the words just start flowing through my fingers and I can write pages and pages. If you are unsure about talking to people about how things are in your life then just write them down because it’s so therapeutic and it gets things that are troubling you off your mind!

Complete all those tasks that you have been putting off. I have so many small tasks that I keep saying I will do tomorrow but I never actually get round to doing them…. So by getting all of it done this month it means that I am not dragging all of this crap into 2019 and I can start off this year with a clear head which I think would be useful for you too.

HAVE FUN! Cheesy? Yes. Perfect. Just think, this is the last time that you will ever experience December 2018 and so you should make the most of it! Christmas is basically here which is the perfect time to relax and spend time with your family. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, like me, you should still use this time to chillax because I’m sure it’s been a busy year for you and you deserve some time to chill!

Hope you have a fab end of the year!!!


2 thoughts on “How To Realistically Slay The Rest of 2018

  1. Mental health is so important! I have been struggling but I’ve made such a strong effort with being transparent to my friends and family, and its been so good because although they are aware that i’m fragile they do not stop keeping me grounded, for example when I pull excuses for things I get the normal “Snap the f**k out of it” which keeps me from feeling sorry for myself. It’s not easy but it stops everyone from assuming things and tip toeing around you.

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