My Weekly Planning Routine

You always see on Tumblr and Instagram all these very aesthetically pleasing bullet journals and to be honest that is just not realistic.

The point of a bullet journal is to help keep your organised and to keep everything all in one place (aka a notebook), in my opinion by making it all fancy and shiz it kinda distracts your attention away from the important bit which is staying organised. I am talking about this from experience because I could never keep up with my bullet journal and ended up basically giving up which is something I am far to good at! I decided to instead go for a minimal approach because I just needed to blurt out everything that was in my head into my notebook.

To give you some context, I am currently completing an art foundation in college which basically just entails a whole load of coursework and projects. (it’s more fun than it sounds!) I am specialising in fashion and textiles.

My planning routine begins on a sunday evening when I’ve basically exhausted myself (so around 6pm) and I like to tidy my space because tidy space = tidy mind!!! Honestly I can’t explain how much it helps to just clear away all the clutter.

The next step is to look at the week as a whole on your monthly calendar (an essential) so you can see where your blocks of free time lie. For me I have basically no free time to seeing where my free blocks lie is an essential so I can dedicate that to college stuff.

Then I go through my current projects that I am working on (at the moment I have 3, which requires 3 sketchbooks) and write down a list of what needs to be done. Things like sketches and annotations and research etc. I do this weekly because I always find things that I need to add and I don’t always complete the list but I find it important to go through everything to find the gaps. 

Once these lists are made I go through my week to see what days I can dedicated to what projects. I always find that I can’t handle working on 3 projects in one day SO instead I dedicate each day to a project so that my brain is moderately calm. (which is never is….)

I think you can guess what is coming next… you then transfer the lists into your spare blocks of time and remember to BE REASONABLE. You should aim to put too little tasks into the blocks rather than too many. Then if you do everything before the day is over you can just start on the next days lists!

You really don’t want to overload your brain too much so it’s best to plan too little than too much and have a mental breakdown.

My habit tracker for the week. I usually switch them up every month!

Now all this planning has been done, it’s time to get down to business and actually GET. THIS. SHIZ. DONE. All this planning is a waste of time unless you get stuff done! As a student I know how hard it is to balance everything because I’m in college full time, working part time and trying to blog and apply for university and many other things. So I know the struggle. I’ve found that by breaking everything down it helps to keep me sane and also it doesn’t make the workload seem as large as it is!

I hope that this was useful for any of you! If you have any time management tips then leave them down below to helps out any else!

See ya!

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