Why Everyone Needs A Pair of Dungarees

I feel like there’s a stereotype that every art student lives in dungarees. I can confirm that that is true.

Dungarees are one of those items of clothing that go in and out of fashion, but they still kinda hang around. At the moment they are very much in because everytime I leave the house (which is not very often. lol) I see a number of people rocking them.

However I mostly see people in the black denim ones with the skinny trouser legs and as much as I love them and as much as I think they are cute…. we need some variety up in here y’all!

Being an art student means that in my class I often see more than just black denim ones including red, stripy and wide leg ones. We even started this thing one week where we all decided to wear our dungarees on a Monday and most people did it because we’re all artists and therefore all own a pair!

Outfit details

Now I would love to leave a link to this pair so that you can all go and grab yo’self some but I actually borrowed them from my Mum a very long time ago and it would appear that I have forgotten to give them back. (it’s cool, she knows) This means they’re quite old and I believe she got them from a market somewhere

So my top is from the charity shop but is originally H&M. For this slightly cold time of year, these high neck tops are perfect and they also work really well under other items such as pinafores and dresses. The sequin scrunchie is from New Look and it accurately resemble my soul. Finally the shoes are Primark!

If you are looking for something that is incredibly comfortable for when you have long days at uni or college or wherever else you work then you definitely need to invest in a pair! By having the wide legs it just adds that next level of comfort that you don’t get from skinny jeans because there’s so much room to breathe and it means you can sit on a chair awkwardly with your feet on the seat without any restrictions (you know what I mean).

I totally get how baggy clothing can be unflattering for some people because I can relate. However since experimenting with adding a belt it has literally changed my life because it looks so much better having it cinched in at the waist… not to boast or anything. The only downside is when you need the toilet but sometimes fashion comes at price that you have to be willing top pay.

I would to know if this has swayed your opinion about dungarees and if you own pairs yourself!?!

See ya!

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