No Teddies Were Harmed In The Making of This Jacket

(I hope they weren’t)

Now I am not one to jump on the fashion trend bandwagon because I like to be individual which is how I would perfectly describe my style. However I have been seeing these teddybear coats everywhere and I just fell in love with them because they look so warm and snuggly.Β 

It’s not that cold at the moment in the UK because global warming and all that jazz but sometimes when you’re in college, half falling asleep (literally my whole class) sometimes you want that extra layer to curl up in and this is what I needed.

Basically every clothing shop will be selling there own version of this jacket but I decided to seek it from elsewhere because I am a student which means that I am permanently on a budget.

Primark actually did a great one that was emerald green that was only Β£25 but I needed something even cheaper. Therefore I headed to straight to eBay and I’m sure I would have found the same one if I went to Amazon. I feel like we forget about these places when it comes to clothing because they’re not “branded” but not everything has to be. People are just as amazed when I say that something is from the charity shop compared to when I say that something is Urban Outfitters (that’s designer as my clothing gets…)

Seriously though, if you’re on a budget then head to Ebay or Amazon and you will definitely find something affordable!

Link to Ebay page where I got mine!

Top tip: go for a size up just in case because you can never be quite sure. Mines a size 12 when I normally go for a 10 in jackets.

Outfit details: I’ve already mentioned these dungarees this month but they are making a reappearance because they are hella comfortable and make this outfit look cute! So my striped top is the charity shop and my shoes are SoulCal. As you can probably guess my badge is from the Tate.

Have you got a teddy bear jacket?See ya!

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