2019 Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

I have attempted to start a bullet journal for a few years now and by time I get to may/june it all goes out the window. Will I manage to get further this year? Let’s wait and find out!

I know I should have posted this before the new year but things have been busy.

I spent a lot of time on this layout for my bullet journal in the hopes that by doing it all in advance, it will help me to keep it all up! I hope that this gives you some ideas for how you can lay out your bullet journal because in my opinion, it is never too late to start one. Just because Jan 1st has past, it does not mean you have to wait for Feb 1st to start organising your life. You can start now!

This year my dotted bullet journal is from Flying Tiger which I got for Β£4 and my other notepad is Paperchase. My plan for 2019 (it still feels weird writing that) is to have a very structured journal and then have a notepad where I can brain dump.

This years mood is the moon and the sun apparently, I’m not sure why, I just found it very appealing and something I think about a lot. I know that most people put a key in and they have like 20 items, I have chosen to keep mine very simple because my memory is not great so I know that I would forget about most of them by March. I would say that these 2 pages are not essentials but they’re fun!

To start off the journal, I have included a goals page because I think it’s important to set them to set yourself up for a fab year. I have decided to have a main ‘word of the year’ which I mentioned in my previous post, and then have some smaller goals so I have lots to work on throughout the year.

These double page spreads don’t have a title but they are year at a glance pages. The idea is that I can see the whole overview of the year and the columns allow me to put down any important dates, deadlines, events, birthdays etc now so that I can plan ahead. This will make the monthly planning easier if you can see now what is going on in the month.

I have watched about 50 2019 bullet journal videos for inspiration and this page came up in about 45 of them and I thought it was such an interesting idea. So the idea is that after day you colour in the box in accordance to you key. I am yet to decide on my colours but I’m sure you get the idea. This way you can reflect on every month and see overall what your mood was and how you can work to improve it!

Some of you may be in the same boat as me by applying for uni this year which means that you need to be saving money so you can move out…. scary…. so to keep me on track with that I’ve got a goal in mind and I can see here how much I save each month which will indicate whether or not I need to look at my spending habits.

This is possibly my favourite spread and I know it’s gonna look great at the end of the year! So basically, I’ve drawn out more books than I will end up reading because go big or go home. Then once I’ve read a book, I colour in the box and write the author and name. I also colour code in accordance to the month so that I can see how many books I read each month. This spread is great for any bookworms out there!

These two spreads are currently empty but shall fill up as the year progresses. This just gives me constant ideas for posts if I’m stuck for them and then I can also see how my blog is doing in terms of stats.

I don’t blog for the statistics and the numbers, it’s more something I’m interested in tracking but I want to up my game next year because things went very downhill in 2018…

Now onto the January spreads! My theme this month is moons and the colour blue, I just always associate this month with that colour for some reason.

(I am well aware of how awful my moon drawings are…. don’t judge…)

This stems off of my year at a glance pages, by just giving me an overview of what I have planned. I also have a copy of this on my wall and also put everything into my phone, which really shows how bad my memory is…

I always have monthly goals which I base off of my yearly goals. So I break them down into manageable chunks which then become my monthly goals so that by the end of the year I have hopefully achieved them. I aim for a minimum of 1 per category.

(I had to redo this page, hence the blue paper)

In my bid to save more money, I have decided to start making note of the things I buy which is all pointless crap. I think that by writing down what you spend so you can see it all on one page, will help those who spend far too much.

A simple page but an important one, here I can schedule all my posts and then check them off once I’ve taken the photos and written the words. I am determined to consistently post in 2019 so we shall see how that goes…

I am awful at sticking to habits so this is vital for me. I try to make different ones each months to jazz things up and often they are based off of my goals for the month. See, everything comes back to my yearly goals!

(We’re nearly there, I promise) As a college student, I have a lot of work going on at the same time so on these pages I make many checklists for each of my projects and often have to extend the list as the month goes on. This helps me to manage what I have to do and keep me moderately sane…

Last but not least is my weekly spread which is simple and something new that I’m trying. Sometimes when I have lots going on I have to extend this over multiple pages. I’ve made these for all of the 5 weeks in January so save the hassle of doing them onI hope Sunday evening.

I hope that this was useful in some way or another!

Are you using a bullet journal or a planner this year?


2 thoughts on “2019 Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

  1. I am starting my first bullet journal this year! mines nothing too fancy though I have an odd little obsession with lists so it’s mostly just… a book of lists haha

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