Has Anyone Seen My Trousers?

Aaaah this camouflage joke never gets old….

In 2018, we definitely saw the rise of the camouflage trousers and they came in all different colours: blue, orange, yellow, pink, black, white. You name it and you could probably find a pair someone online.

The interesting thing that I noticed was how the style and fit of them was basically the same. I haven’t seen a pair of them that are skinny and tight fitting. The only ones that I have seen around have been in that mom style. So baggy and straight cut but also flattering which pays tribute to the origin of them as they are similar to military trousers.

Have you ever found that once you purchase something that you suddenly notice a lot more of it about? I don’t know how else to word it… So basically since wearing these trousers all the time cause they’re so comfy, I’ve noticed SO many other people wearing them which is not something I ever noticed before…. I seem to find this with a lot of things.

Now I could tell you the amazing story of how I found these in a great high street shop but in reality these are actually my brothers… Or were my brothers, because they are mine now…

I’ve always kinda wanted a pair of these but never really wanted to pay that much for them and also in my bid to be more ethical in 2019, I realized that I actually don’t need them in my wardrobe. However when my brother was going to chuck them out I decided to take my opportunity to take them because they would go the charity shop otherwise. They actually fit perfectly which is weird but lucky.

Now these aren’t high street fashion ones that he got. These are proper hiking trousers which means they are great quality material and yes they’re a bit worn out but that just adds to the character of them in my opinion.

Because they are so high waisted I think a cropped jumper works really well with a crop top underneath to protect from the cold. But in the summer these trousers would work super well with a vest top or a cute lil crop top.

I opted for my metallic platforms today but my pair of black Dr Martens would be perfect to fit with the powerful vibe of them and my teddy bear coat was also a necessity in this weather!

What is your opinion on this trouser trend?


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