The Leather Debate

The leather debate is definitely a controversial one and there is definitely a lot to say.

I also want to point out that even though I am not a vegetarian (I am well aware that I look like one) or a vegan, it doesn’t mean that I agree with animal products being used in fashion. I am against the use of fur and leather in clothing so let’s not judge my food choices.

As an art student, I have a lot of vegan/veggie friends who are all against the use of animal products in fashion and yet the question of secondhand leather and fur always comes up. Most of us don’t have a problem with buying it second hand because you are effectively recycling and reusing the product and therefore no harm is done to the animals. Then when you have finished with the item you can give it down to someone else.

I stand on this half of the debate which is why I decided to write this post because I was given this gorgeous leather coat by a relative who had bought it many many years previous.

On the other hand I am sure there are people out there who would still never wear it because they feel like they’re wearing the animal if that makes sense. This makes perfect sense because you’re against animal products yet you’re wearing one.

Moving back onto the other side of the argument is those who have no problem with leather because it is a by product from the meat industry. Obviously with cows, the meat and fat is sold in the supermarkets and then the skin is left over and if it is not used as leather then it just gets chucked out so why not make it into things that are useful? Because then in some ways you’re not causing harm to the animals because they were needed for the meat industry not the fashion industry.

I think that this is why Dr Martens stand somewhere in the middle of this debate and people don’t really know where to put them.

So I really don’t know where to stand on it either because I do actually own 3 pairs of them and they are all bought brand new, not second hand. My most recent pair is one year old and my oldest is about 4 years and if you didn’t know they are made of leather which is why they are so popular. Even though leather is an animal product it has many benefits such being strong and long lasting. Dr Martens are built to last and I know of people who have had theirs for about 20 years so for the over £100 you pay, you really get your money worth which is why I have bought them and will probably continue to.

They do make vegan pairs using a material that is like leather but isn’t but they are more expensive and from what I have heard they are not of the same good quality. That is not first hand info though so I could be wrong however why would you pay even more for something that isn’t as good a quality? Well you are protecting the animals by buying them.

So what I am trying to say from all of this is that there are pros and cons of Dr Martens and of leather in general. I have a very mixed opinion about this topic is what I am getting at.

Outfit details: Dress – New Look // Corduroy shirt – charity shop // Hat – Primark // Shoes – Schuh // Coat – secondhand

I’m trying to dip my toes into more aspects of the fashion industry and especially in ethical fashion, in which animal cruelty fits in well. I’m very interested to hear other people’s views and obviously there is no right or wrong, I’m just intrigued to hear your opinion.

Where do you stand on the leather debate?


9 thoughts on “The Leather Debate

  1. I bought my Doc Martens before I became veggie/vegan – I’ve had them for about 12 years now, and when it comes to replacing them, I’ll probably get the fake leather ones.

    Personally I can’t even do second hand things anymore, a few years ago, I would’ve, but I’m completely happy with the fake stuff now 😀

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  2. This is a really interesting debate that I’ve never really thought about 🤔 I definitely see where you’re coming from; personally I wouldn’t wear leather because it’s usually more expensive and I’m not really bothered about having real leather like some are. But I agree that with a second hand coat like yours, you don’t want to not wear it if it’s special, and it’s making use of an animal product that would go to waste. Also it may be worth investing in something expensive as it will last longer like you said! Great read 😊

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