What Would The Spice Girls Do? | Book Review

While I may not be the Spice Girls generation (big up the 2000s babies) I am a huge fan.

There’s no denying that when Wannabe and Spice Up Your Life come on anywhere, I will be embarrassingly singing and dancing and I guarantee that I’m not the only one.

When I saw this book I knew I had to get it purely by the title and then reading the blurb it intrigued me even more because until reading this I had never considered how influential they were. Now I knew how huge they were and how everyone still talks about them but they actually had such a big impact on fashion and feminism which are 2 of my favourite things. I think that people don’t think much of pop stars, they just sing but the Spice Girls were idols for so many children in the late 90s and just by being themselves they made such a huge difference to the way that we see ourselves.

For people my age we ask the question, what would Beyonce do? But now I’m gonna have to change that to the Spice Girls.

On some level we all know about them. Baby, Sporty, Scary, Posh and Ginger are names that we will never forget and everyone falls under one of them. At the moment I am ginger spice. It was their individual personalities that made them so huge because unlike most girl groups who all dressed and acted the same, these girls were so unbelievably different from each other and they all had such individual and distinct styles that was new to the music industry. They taught young girls how it’s okay to be individual and be different from others. Mel B made being sporty cool for young people. This book features interviews and comments from the Spice Girls generation and until I read them I had no idea how ground-breaking this was for young people because it’s normal in today’s society to stand out from the crowd but it wasn’t back then (I’m making it sound like it was 100 years ago when it was only 20) . I’m sure there’s other people to thank for this but the band definitely played a huge role. Just watch the Spice World movie (it’s so bad that it’s good) and you get to see all their personalities shine and then they come together to be one badass girl group!

There’s still the sterotypical groups of people out there, which can still especially be seen at schools and colleges but this band brought together 5 completely different girls with different styles and personalities and just shows how they got on so well. I think a lot of people prefer to stay within their groups but this shows how people from different walks of life can come together and gel really well!

It’s hard to know exactly when the whole girl power movement started but the Spice Girls definitely played their part and it was a message that they very frequently told people about. From reading parts of this book that mentioned interviews, it really showed how much they spoke about it and how they wanted the world to know about it. And rightly so. They started without and manager and did everything themselves and then went around lots of different record labels and and wouldn’t leave until they considered them. These girls had a great do-it-yourself attitude which definitely helped them become so unique and made them stand out compared to other bands like Liberty X and Destinys Child.

I think it’s fair to say that the world has developed and progressed a lot in the last 20+ years which is kinda scary. While we are very very very far from reaching gender equality, I’ve learnt from this book that we are further along than we were which gives me hope for the future!

I learnt so much in this book about the Spice Girls and about the girl power movement and at the same time it was made very humorous with comments from their fans who have now grown up and through the frequent use of song references. I would have never linked feminism and the Spice Girls together due to my lack of knowledge but I now realise how important they were for society and they really influenced so many people’s lives. Nowadays we do have Little Mix but I don’t think anything or anyone will beat the original girl group.

Now to go listen to them on repeat for the next month!

Have you read this or would you interested in reading it? Which Spice Girl are you?



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