Let’s Talk About Menstruation!

Aaaaayyy today I wanted to talk about something that for some reason has become a taboo subject in today’s society. Periods.

I have never questioned why it something that you shouldn’t really talk about much because it’s what I grew up with. Other people didn’t talk about it so I just decided not to as well and that’s something I’ve continued to think until now. On my college course I chose to start a project to create a campaign to reduce the stigma surrounding menstruation and I have learnt so much in the last month from talking to others.

Periods are definitely not something that we should be ashamed about because it’s a totally natural.

An actual representation of me right now

Like right now I am actually on my period and I am in a lot of pain so I’m in bed with a hot water bottle writing this as a way to make awareness of how it’s not something we should cringe about when we hear people mention it. Before starting this project it was definitely something I was embarrassed about and I did some polls on Instagram and other people were in the same boat with 34% (male and female) still finding it something that they find awkward to discuss.

Here in the UK we are kinda lucky in a way because it’s not something that considered ‘dirty’ or is frowned upon like it is in other cultures such as Nepal where girls actually have to stay in other room for the duration and in extremes cases this has lead to death. I consider myself extremely lucky to be in the position where I can afford sanitary products because period poverty is a huge thing in England.

Basically period poverty is when girls are unable to go to school because they can’t afford to buy sanitary and often have to use things like socks and toilet paper which is far from being practical and is unhygienic. Luckily there are so many groups of amazing people (such as the #freeperiods group) who are campaigning for schools to give out free products which they do in Scotland. It’s 2019, people shouldn’t be missing out on their education because of their period.

I think I speak for so many other women out there when I say that periods are really really not nice. They’re not pleasant. In fact they’re kinda gross. But it’s a natural human process that anyone with a uterus has to go through and I really want to encourage people to talk about it more because it’s normal!

From having hours and hours of discussions with my class mates I have realised how uneducated people are, especially guys. When I had sex education in primary school (aged 9 or 10), the boys and girls were separated and we were taught all about periods while guys were taught about something else. Why are boys not educated about periods? Okay they won’t experience one, but if they were to have a girlfriend then surely by knowing about them they can further comfort them instead of saying to “man up”?

For some people they have excruciating pain and can sometimes faint and be sick. It’s really not a pleasant thing and when talking to guys, none of them knew this! We need to educate more people about what actually goes on during the menstruation cycle because I think people would be more open to talking about it if only people understood more.


Now I haven’t finished my campaign as I’m still getting ideas but I will definitely share it when I’m completed and I hope that it stops people being so embarrassed about it. Since starting this project me and my friends are so much more open about it and as weird as this sounds, I think we’re a lot closer now and hearing everyone’s funny period stories reminds me of how we’re all in the same boat!

Would you say that you find periods embarrassing to talk about?

πŸ™‚ Byeeeee

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