5 YouTubers To Watch If You Need Inspiration

I get that YouTube is meant for entertainment but lets be real here, there’s only so many Vine compilations you can watch before going insane. And I would know…

It definitely has a snowball effect and once you watch one video you just end up being stuck into a spiral that’s very hard to get out of. I try my best nowadays to only watch videos that I know will benefit me and I have found some amazing channels that have helped me get out of many a rut that I wanted to share today!

Muchelle focuses a lot of minimalism and I genuinely admire anyone who lives that lifestyle because I own A LOT of stuff and hate getting rid of things… A lot of her videos talk about creating and breaking habits in order to live a productive life and there’s plenty of planning videos as well if you are stuck with how to plan out your weeks. Her videos are also quite short which I like because it means they’re to the point and you don’t waste loads of time watching them.

Kalyn has two channels now and while her main channels is mostly vlogs her second channel KOZE has more motivational videos. She talks a lot about things like spirituality and astrology and shows a lot of her yoga and meditation routines. I have been watching her for years now so I have seen her yoga journey, as it were, and it’s been inspiring to see how much it has changed her. So if you’re into fitness and random coffee talks on everything and anything then she is one to watch!

She also has a podcast that is all about motivation and living your best life but then she’ll sometimes throw in things like aliens and witchcraft and spirituality.

I love watching organisational and productive videos of people who are around my age because then I feel like I can relate to them more. So Reese is an American YouTuber currently at college and she is very open about her struggles with anxiety and depression and hearing her talk about it actually helps me out a lot to hear other people’s experiences and how they cope. She focuses a lot on bullet journaling and goal setting which is something I try to do and fail.

If you have been in a rut and are wanting to get your life back on track then Rowena is definitely the one to watch as she is very open about when she is not feeling herself and how she gets her life back on track and she vlogs the whole process. She’s very raw and honest which is definitely a theme with all of these YouTubers because it’s easier to relate and take people’s advice when they are more relatable.

If you are studying for an academic subject then you have watch Jade. From study tips to study with me’s and morning routines, she’s got it all really. I finally found a YouTuber that wakes up at 5am which is similar to me! She managed to get like all A* at GCSE and A level which is honestly amazing, so you are needing motivation and help studying then I definitely recommend her to watch or Eve Bennett or Ruby Granger.

I spend too much time watching motivational videos in the hope that I’ll magically wake up a more productive person which is really not how it works, sadly. But that’s the messages that a lot of these people point out in their videos, it takes a lot of time to implement change in your life and it’s not an overnight thing.

I hope you found this useful!

Do you watch any of these people? Do you have any recommendations of motivational YouTubers?

Byeeeee πŸ™‚

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