The Cycle of Breaking and Entering a Rut

We all get into ruts sometimes and I believe that’s totally normal. But it’s when it becomes a cycle that things move away from being normal.

Every time I’ve gotten into one I go through this process of resetting my life again and getting back on top of things such as healthier eating, exercising, bullet journaling until a few months later when things fall of the rails again. I feel like I’m just waiting for something to click in my head and for everything to fall into place and to be perfect forever. I’m realising now how unbelievably unrealistic that it… I’ve done multiple posts in the past on resetting and honestly none of them have stuck…

I recently watched Rowena Tsai’s video about how she has burnout and how she is in the process of resetting herself again and when I feel low she is usually the channel I immediately turn to. Among many others who I mentioned in my last post HERE.

This video really opened my eyes because in some ways we’re quite similar in that we both have created this cycle of feeling on top of our shit and then it crumbling down into a rut or starting to feel depressed and anxious. She made an amazing point of, instead of resetting yourself when you are burnt out you need to really address the root of the problem. It’s all good trying to get on top of things by having more productive days and putting down the tub of ice cream but that’s just covering up a deeper problem. The fact that you keep getting into ruts clearly means there is something wrong that you need to resolve instead of just changing what’s surface to make you feel better. Here’s the video link if you need some eye opening motivation.

If you can find the deeper problem and bring it to the surface and resolve it, then hopefully you’ll stop this constant cycle and live a life that flows more!

For me, I have definitely felt quite down in the last couple of days which is exactly why I clicked on that video. I was about to go through my whole reset process, which I do a few times a year, when I realised that was not gonna help things so instead I’ve been trying to figure out the root of the problem. I know this is gonna take time but I’m realising that I do have this weird fear of the future thing…

I’ve always thought that I’ve had to make yearly, monthly and weekly goals because everyone else who bullet journals does and therefore I must too and I have to know exactly where my life is headed and that stresses me out! Nothing is ever a straight line for and I veer off everywhere on my journey to get somewhere and my plans change very very frequently as do my projects because I’m very indecisive. I keep making these goals and then never succeeding in them because other things have come up and I gone off in a new direction.

I’ve been reading the Power of Now (I’ll do a book review soon) and it’s really opened my eyes because we all live from the mistakes we made in the past and how they’re gonna better our future so we forget about the present. I’ve learnt to let go of the past but I keep waiting for a better future and I keep telling myself that I’ll do that thing tomorrow or I’ll start tomorrow and then tomorrow comes and I don’t feel like doing that.

We all need to live in the moment a bit more. For me I’m hoping that this is gonna help because by living more presently will help my future in the long run and will help to figure out what I am doing with my life.

Sometimes I hate being a teenager because we’re expected to have the whole of our life planned out perfectly when in reality that’s really not the case and we all have a lot of our plates that adults can’t see. So I’m gonna start living life for me instead of planning out my future.

You should live each day like it’s your last.

So the next time you get into a rut, instead of going through the reset routine, try and find the root of the problem and work on that instead!

Byeeeeee πŸ™‚

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