That Time of Year When No One Quite Knows What To Wear

Ah. April. That wonderful time of year when you can wake up one day and it’s a full on heatwave and the next day it’s raining and freezing cold.

It’s that time of year when you go out into the streets in 16 degrees and half the population are in shorts and t-shirts and the other half are in thermals and thick coats. I don’t know if this is a global thing or if it’s just here in Britain where people don’t quite know what to wear. I love it!

You put on a pair of Dr Martens with a funky jumper in the morning and by the time the afternoon rolls around, you are sweating buckets because it suddenly decided to get really hot.

The key is layering with thinner layers. I would not recommend wearing a fluffy teddy bear coat like this because you will roast, but I love these photos so just wanted to share them. Lets pretend that I went with a cropped shirt instead of this jacket…

Now I know that I’ve featured outfits that look quite similar to this one before because it seems to be my go to. Camouflage trousers just go with everything and pairing them with an off the shoulder top with my (fake) ginger hair just makes me feel like Kim Possible. What more could you want?

Now I am well known for my colourful dress sense so this is as dark as it gets really, unless you include my work uniform which is all black… When I get round to posting more outfit posts this summer you can expect them to be all rainbow themed!

To contrast this dark outfit I went for some very colourful make up which is also what I am known for and I am quite happy with being known for dressing like a rainbow because that’s what expressing yourself is all about. I get a lot of stares (can’t tell if it’s a negative or positive) looking like this, especially when I’m in London, but I’ve learnt to ignore them because I. Look. Fab.

Fashion is about expressing yourself. In this case I was feeling Kim Possible bad ass vibes with a splash of positivity and this was the result.

Outfit: Trousers – second hand // Jacket – eBay // Top – H&M // Shoes – Schuh (I changed the shoe laces // earrings – Primark // choker – Boho Moon // Necklaces – etsy and vintage market.

What your go to outfit during this season??

4 thoughts on “That Time of Year When No One Quite Knows What To Wear

  1. Literally, April is so difficult cos the weather is sooo up and down! Couple of days ago it was boiling and now it’s raining?? I usually go for jeans and a plain tshirt (sounds boring) but then accessorise or add a statement jacket on top! Loving your blog btw, just subscribed and can’t wait to read more xx

    Alice x

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