Making the school tartan skirt fashionable again (well trying to…)

I have had this skirt for way over a year and it has taken all that time to find the confidence to wear it out.

You may be asking why, and honestly I don’t know. I love a good skirt but this one has always just felt a little outside my comfort zone because it’s quite an old style. especially with it being more a midi skirt as well. It used to be quite long but I cut a sewed it to be just about the knee.

Now that I have made my debut in this skirt, I know that I am going to be wearing this loads and loads because I made that first leap out of my comfort zone! I may come across as being very confident but firstly, pictures and words can be deceiving and secondly, I think that everyone has a fear of being judged. Even if they don’t mention it.

I love those cute lil tartan skirts that make you look like you should be in St Trinians ( what a great film) and while I do have one of those, I actually prefer this longer one! I know that a lot of schools nowadays actually wear these styles of skirts that come down to the knees which shows how uniforms seem to be going back in time. Fashion always repeat itself.

Short skirts are cute and all but are also extremely impractical. You can’t bend down, you can’t sit cross legged comfortably and don’t even think about going outside when there’s even a slight breeze. On the other hand with a skirt like this you have absolutely nothing to worry about! This skirt is made out of wool which means that it’s quite heavy which could be seen as being annoying but it makes it very practical.

So next time to see one of these old style skirts in a secondhand shop, don’t just brush past it. Grab it and you can sew it to make it shorter instead of buying new ones from fast fashion shops!

Skirt – Vintage market
Vest – Topshop
Shoes – New Look
Scrunchie – Primark
Necklaces and earrings – various markets

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