Turning the Tide on Plastic | Book Review

I really want to do my bit to help the planet because this whole plastic situation is out of hand and it’s really gonna affect my future!

I’ve always known about climate change and in recent years I saw the effects of plastic but it wasn’t until I saw a BBC documentary that I truly saw how bad it is. The documentary is called War on Plastic and I encourage anyone and everyone to watch it because it is so eye opening and it showcased how bad this situation is and also how no one is doing anything about it.

After watching the show I went and picked this book up in The Works and after reading it, it has inspired me to make a change for the better and I’m hoping that I can use this platform to inspire others so we can save the planet!

So the book is kind of split up into 2 parts. The first part of the book states the facts about plastic and how the problem has expanded over the decades and I was genuinely shocked by these figures. The information that I had read on social media were really just the tip of the iceberg.

I’m gonna be honest, I always thought that this plastic problem was a new problem. As in the last 10 years. But in reality it’s been a problem since it started being produced on a mass scale in the 80s until now because it’s basically used in everything! Because it doesn’t break down it means that all that plastic that was produced back then is still on the planet today in landfill and floating about in the ocean.

Did you know that there’s a patch of the ocean now purely made of rubbish? Called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, it was accidentally discovered in 1997 and given that name but there sightings of mass floating plastics in 1976. It now stretches across 600,000 square miles of ocean, that’s bigger than France and contains an estimated 1.8 trillion pieces of rubbish, 99% of that is plastic. Now that’s insane. Just Google it to see how bad it is.

After reading all these shocking facts I really then realised that I need to make a difference and adopt new habits which is when the second half of the book comes in. Lucy Siegle (the author) created an 8 step plan to help each and everyone of us reduce our plastic footprint and under each one is little tips to help us make a difference. They may seem small but if everyone does them then that can make a huge difference. Here they are:

  1. Record what you currently use
  2. Reduce by cutting down and stop buying and using things you don’t really need.
  3. Replace plastic essentials with other non-plastic items
  4. Refuse to buy and do things if they contain lots of plastic, gain some willpower
  5. Reuse products that can be reused by making the multi use instead of just single use
  6. Refill your water bottles, get a travel coffee mug, and many more.
  7. Rethink your attitude, think about being more minimalistic and cut back on what you buy
  8. Recycle as a last resort because this is not the solution and can increase the problem as most things are even recycled when we think they are. This is still introducing more plastic into the world when we need to cut it off at the source and stop making it!

This book also has some exercises that you can do at home to also get the whole family involved that I am going to start after writing this post.

Now I could rant and tell you everything that is in this book…. or you could go out and buy it and see for yourself what need to be done. Even just watching the documentary will open your eyes.

While reading this book one day in a park I had actually grabbed a coffee from Greggs and some lunch from Pret and I realised how much plastic there actually was. So the coffee cup and lid were single use as was the cutlery that came with my lunch and the wrappers around the food. Aside the paper bag and napkins all of this had to into the bin where it will most likely end in landfill. So from now on I want to stop buying food out that contains excess and unnecessary packaging and to remember my coffee mug!

Are you interested in saving the planet? Have you read this book?

3 thoughts on “Turning the Tide on Plastic | Book Review

  1. I am super interested in following your progress to reduce plastic use! A friend went plastic-free for Lent this year and documented her progress on Facebook, it was both educational and helpful in pushing to start making my own (v small) changes.

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