Lucy & Yak | A Journey into Ethical Fashion

One of my goals this year was to be more conscious, particularly when it comes to my fashion choices.

I have learnt this year all about the negative effects of fast fashion which was something that I knew little about beforehand. I wrote a post about it HERE if you are interested in knowing more. So I have really been putting extra thought into my clothing choices instead of just buying anything and everything I see.

I discovered Lucy & Yak this year on Instagram and I. Am. Obsessed. Not only are their pieces gorgeous and comfortable, their a sustainable brand! They’re totally transparent on their website (check it out here) about where their clothing is made and the conditions and the people who make them. It’s amazing to see who sources the clothes and to see that they are subject to good working conditions because those who make clothing for fast fashion brands are often subject to abuse. It’s sad what people go through to make our clothes.

Anyway we are here right now to celebrate Lucy & Yak!

Obviously their clothes are more expensive since they’re actually paying their workers a fair wage but it’s a price I’m willing to pay.

I got a bright yellow boiler suit from them in the sale which has become a staple in my winter wardrobe so there will probably be a outdoor post later on in the year. Then because I posted a photo of it on Instagram, they reposted it and gave me a £25 voucher to spend on their website!!! They give out loads every week so go follow them!!!

With that I got these funky funky dungarees which were in the sale already so I didn’t spend that much on them. Being an art student, dungarees are a staple so in the future I will need to get more.

I love to make a statement with my outfits and these do not disappoint. I’ve paired them with a black high neck top and a coordinating pair of (fake) converse and a cute lil denim jacket.

Lucy and Yak also have a pop up shop in Brighton (where these photos were taken) and the staff in there were SO LOVELY! Its more than just a shop, they have loads of events on which I will go to one day.

I would 10/10 recommend to check them out if you are wanting to shop more ethically and even if you’re not, then still look at them for some cute ass clothing!

Dungarees – Lucy and Yak
Top – Topshop
Jacket – Secondhand
Bag – Paperchase
Shoes – New Look
Earrings – V&A

Lets support more slow fashion brands than fast fashion brands!!!

5 thoughts on “Lucy & Yak | A Journey into Ethical Fashion

  1. That house looks so cool😂 I love how confident you are with your fashion style😌 it can be hard sometimes to be completely open with some outfits in fear of judgment from people if it’s not ‘trending’ or seen as ‘normal’. As someone with a really alternative style it’s nice seeing people embracing what they feel comfortable with wearing🥰

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