A Plastic Free Alternative to Make Up Wipes

Did you know that make up and other wipes are nearly 100% plastic?

Well neither did I because that’s not the sort of information that they put on the packaging. I only found that out from watching the War on Plastic documentary on the BBC a while back, where they showed piles and piles of sewage just filled with matted together wipes because they don’t break down. This means that they will spend the rest of their days in landfill along with so many other plastic items.

After seeing this I realised that I wanted to live a more plastic free lifestyle in order to save my future and my generations. I know that one person isn’t gonna do the job which is why I hope that this may inspire others to do the same.

I headed down the Lush knowing that they would have a solution and would have something I could use instead, and instead of just showing me the products they did a whole skin consultation with me to help find the one I would like the best and this is what I found:

They suggested a bunch of soaps, moisturisers and toners to me but in the end I got a cleanser because I don’t have the budget or patience to go for a whole cleansing routine.

So I went for the Jade Roller Naked Cleansing balm which has a peppermint smell to it which is what sold me. All I do is rub it over my hands then over my face, especially my eyes where I wear the most make up and then wipe off with a flannel. Easy peasy. It takes only a little bit longer than if I were to use a wipe but it feels so much nicer. My skin never feels nice after using a make up wipe I only really used them for the convenience of them but now I am never going back to them.

So this was Β£5 for a 15g bar which is supposed to last about a month. I’ve been using mine for about a month but there’s still a bit left and I try not to wear make up everyday. I also only wear eye make up, I wear very little face make up so I guess that needs to be taken into account.

Obviously it is more expensive but it’s not breaking the bank. To me it’s a small price to pay when looking at the bigger picture.

I have also purchased the Sleepy Face one, since buying this one, which is infused with lavender, so I think it’ll be good to use before bed as it may help me get a better nights sleep. Hopefully.

Additionally I did also purchase this toner tab which is tea tree scented. It was only Β£1.50 and you pop it in hot water to steam your face, and then you can keep the water to use as a toner for after cleansing your face. Just make sure you pop it in a bottle in the fridge!

This is so refreshing to use before bed. Sorry I forgot to photograph it…

Overall I have seen such improvements in my skin, obviously there are so many other factors to take into consideration but I think that having a better skin care routine has played a massive part in it.

I truly hope you will consider trying something like this!

On their website they wrote an article about going green and plastic free so I would recommend reading that after this. My next post will also be about more Lush products so keep your eyes peeled.


8 thoughts on “A Plastic Free Alternative to Make Up Wipes

    1. I have heard of biodegradable wipes before so they are out there! I imagine they are a little more expensive do still come in plastic packaging, however I would suggest getting a flannel or a cloth that can be washed every week or so to wipe your face

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