My Plastic Free Hair Care Routine

Even though shampoo and conditioner themselves don’t contain plastic, the plastic bottles that they come in are just added to the already huge global pile.

But thankfully there is a solution!

And yes that solution can be found at a Lush store! Again.

Have these last posts just been me advertising products for Lush? Honestly yes. But I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t love their products and stand for what they do for the planet. By the way this post is not an ad but I wish it was.

Before this year I had never heard of shampoo or conditioner bars and surprisingly these were a Christmas present, and are probably one of the best ones I have ever received.

January 2019

Like I was, you may be confused by the idea of a bar of shampoo but it really works like a normal bar of soap, you run it under the tap to lather it up and then run it through your hair. Easy peasy. The one I have got it Honey I Washed My Hair which is a honey and fruity one and is ยฃ8 for a 55g bar.

Next is the Sugar Daddy-O conditioner bar which is more floraly scented and is ยฃ7 per 45g bar and this smells amazing and the smell lingers on your hair for days and days afterwards as well. However I find this one harder to use and reading reviews on the website, so have other people. Like a typical conditioner it doesn’t lather and instead it produces more of a moisteriser which involves a lot of rubbing it between your hands. Most of the time I rub the bar directly onto the ends of my hair. So it is more time consuming but for me it’s worth it, but they do also sell ones in recycled bottles which may be more your cup of tea.

So the next question may be, how long do they last? Well let me show you.

August 2019

I have been using these since the start of February, so for 7 months and as you can see they are about half the size that they were originally. So the equivalent of me going through a bottle from Poundland a month I guess.

There are things to be taken into consideration such as the fact I have thick long hair so I use more product than those with shorter hair. Furthermore I only wash my hair once every week to a week and a half. It may sound gross but I have valid reasons. Firstly, my hair is a chore to wash so I can’t be asked when I don’t have a lot of time to get ready in the morning. Secondly it is actually so much better for your hair to not be washed as frequently, and my hair is in great condition because of this and it’s full of hair dye and is still absolutely fine!

It takes a while for you hair to get used to it, but I would seriously recommend cutting back on how much you wash it, a perk of this is that your haircare products will last longer.

I don’t use anything else on my hair (aside the occasional spritz of hairspray) because I don’t think it’s necessary and it’s such a waste of plastic. My hair smells and looks good just using these!

So when your bottles of shampoo and conditioner run out then I would highly recommend a trip down to Lush to pick up these.


6 thoughts on “My Plastic Free Hair Care Routine

  1. I’ve been thinking of trying the shampoo and conditioner bars from lush but never sure if they’d do as good a job, think I’ll definitely pop and have a look in next time I run out! They’ve lasted you so long, I have thick hair too and wash my hair twice a week, so it’s definitely good value for money!x

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