Start Buying Clothing That You Can Wear For More Than One Season

The amount of people that I talk to that, at the start of each new season, go out and buy a complete new wardrobe and repeat this every year.

It’s such an unnecessary waste!

Instead of going through loads of high street fashion stores and buying piles of clothing, you should just try and make your summer pieces work in the winter or your winter pieces work in the summer, which is exactly what I have done here!

I was given a long sleeve basic a line dress at the start of the summer which would have been perfect throughout the winter but instead I decided to put my sewing skills to the test and transform it into this cute lil pinafore dress. Which I can still wear through the winter because I can pair it with a top underneath and some trusty Dr Martens. I also added some pockets on front to make this dress even more practical because pockets are life savers!

I am well aware that not everyone has sewing skills but all you need is a little bit of imagination to see how you can change things up a bit instead of just buying new things which affects the environment. Fast fashion has SO many negative affects which I will rant about another time.

I know that there are new trends every season but you don’t. have. to. follow. them. Look at what you’ve already got and see how it can be transformed, even by a pair of scissors.

As a society we live in a throw away culture, where when something is no longer fashionable or in social media we just chuck it away and buy what is fashionable. It just ends with perfectly good clothing sitting in the bin. Fashion trends have a tendency to repeat themselves so instead you should try and keep those items for future use or donate them to a friend or upcycle them into something that looks brand new!

I love transforming my clothing because it then means I can be strutting around in something totally unique that no one else has and if someone comes along and asks where it’s from you can tell them that you made it yourself. A large fraction of my wardrobe consists of pieces that I have made, and I am even thinking of putting some of them on Depop…

So instead of going out and buying new stuff, go through your wardrobe and see how you can switch up what you already own into something new.


Dress – homemade
Belt – secondhand
Shoes – Nastygal
Necklace – vintage market
Earrings – V&A


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