An ‘attempting to be sustainable’ Haul

Now I love a good shopping trip as much as the next person, but since trying to be more conscious with the things that I bring into my life and my actions, I was worried that it would take the enjoyment out of it.

But it hasn’t.

On a recent day out shopping I wanted to make sure that I was only buying necessary and sustainable things which was not as hard as I thought! Going with a group of friends who are also trying to be environmentally friendly, like myself, definitely helps because we all went with the same mindset. If I was with people who wanted to buy everything then it would have been harder.

So I wanted to do a lil haul to show you what I got to show that shopping can still be fun!

We did go into Primark and I did try on a lot of stuff…. but I managed to use all my willpower to put everything back. There are some cute pieces that I wanted but I realised that I could just make them myself and they would fit a lot better and would be cheaper.

So instead we went charity shopping, which was not as successful as usual. Sometimes you’ll find some great bargains but other times you’ll find nothing and this was one of those days. I did however find this fab mens shirt which I have some plans to upcycle so keep an eye out for that on my instagram. Β£5 for an M&S shirt is a right bargain in my opinion.

Secondhand shopping is. the. best. You should look their instead of fast fashion shops because you’re giving clothing a second life and supporting charities at the same time!

In Eastbourne near where I live there is a Zero Waste Shop which I believe is new and is one of the best shops I’ve been in. The walls are covered in dispensers of food items so that you can bring in your own containers or use theirs for a variety of food products, obviously they are a little bit more expensive than if you went to the supermarket. They also had tables in the middle filled with beauty bits and I picked up this natural deodrant. It was a whopping Β£6.50 which is a lot compared to my usual Β£1 tubes so I shall see once I’ve used it whether it’s worth the money. It’s all in cardboard and is made of natural ingredients which is supposed to be better for your skin. I also picked up a metallic rainbow straw because why not!

Lastly I picked up these books in Waterstones. I went in wanting 1 book on climate change and plastic but ended up picking up all three because I couldn’t choose which one… oops…. but they looked so good! I also had a great chat with the cashier about the local Extinction Rebellion group so that is definitely something that I am thinking of joining.

In the mean time I am going to crack on with reading these and expect some book reviews soon.

In terms of food we ended up in Greggs, my fave place ever. I resisted a hot drink because I didn’t bring a mug but had my reusable water bottle with me instead. For food I just had some vegan sausage rolls (which are the best) which come in a paper bag!

I am a lot more conscious now when out and about in terms of shopping because I pick up things and have to realise whether or not I really need it and most of the time I don’t. I think we all need to be a bit more minimalist in our lives. I am certainly not perfect but I am trying my best and I hope I can persuade others to adopt better habits as well!

Have you started to shop more sustainably? If so I would love to know how and why?!


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