Extinction Rebellion Handbook | Book Review

For those who don’t know, Extinction Rebellion are a mass group of climate change protesters who are calling for the governments to make changes to help protect our futures!

They started out in the UK by organising protests in London and this sparked international rebellion against those governments and organisations who don’t believe in climate change. The amount of noise that they have made has made a massive impact around the world but it’s still not enough and we need to take larger actions.

They know how to get a message across to people and by making their recent book bright pink is basically the reason I saw it and bought it. It stood out against all the other books and having that writing in capital letters across the front made it easily visible and sold it to me. There are no pretty pictures or cursive writing. It’s to the point and tells the truth.

Basically the point of this book is to persuade you to become part of the Extinction Rebellion, which it literally states on the back of the book. It’s a book of facts and stories to open your eyes up to the reality of what we are going through.

When I bought the book, I had a discussion with the cashier because he was part of the local ER group and I mentioned that it was something that I definitely wanted to be a part of. He said that I should read this first before joining and now I understand that because I have learnt a lot reading this. It showed me that I only really knew the basics and what was on the surface. I only knew how climate change was affecting the UK and not any other part of the world.

The book is a compilation of essays written by many different people around the world. The first half of the focuses on what is actually happening and how its affecting everyone. The second half is about how us, as citizens, and how governments can implement changes to reduces the effects.

I thought I knew a lot about the issue but reading this made me really see how big the picture is.

The one that moved me the most was called The Climate Emergency And The End Of Diversity which spoke about how long it taken for there to be rights and respect for those who are gay, trans and of colour. On a broken planet, where we are heading, those rights are gonna go out the window as it’ll be a fight to survive and they’ll become a target again. I never really thought about the future as I’ve been focusing on the now, but this was so eye opening.

I’ve always wanted to go to one of the protests but never been and they look kinda scary with people being arrested and things like that but reading peoples accounts of what it was like was inspiring. Many of the police officers were on their side but had to do their job and reading about the lengths that people went to is amazing.

As much as it is a horrible and terrifying thing to be protesting about, its really creating a mass worldwide community. They’re a non violent group and they’re bringing together people from all walks of life together who all have the same common goal in mind.

I would firmly recommend reading this book! As cheesy as this sounds I do feel as though it has changed me a little bit and now I’m more determined than before to try and make a change.


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