Why I’m not buying new clothes for a year and why you should too

For the next 52 weeks, I have pledged to boycott fast fashion because even though I love fashion, I love and care about the Earth a hell of a lot more. Saving the planet is a bigger priority than staying on trend.

I have said this before and I will say it again and again, fast fashion is bad. People and the planet don’t deserve to suffer just for fashion. It’s not worth it.

Extinction Rebellion have another group called XR Boycott Fashion where they have made a pledge that people can sign up to to not buy any new clothes for 52 weeks. Link to website here.

Similarly Oxfam have done the same, their project is called Secondhand September and only runs for 30 days. Link to website here.

So I decided to do something crazy and sign up for both!

I would say that my wardrobe is currently 75% secondhand clothes anyway but I’m not perfect and I do occasionally buy new clothing and accessories and footwear but I really want to stop that, hence why I decided to sign up. Seeing as I am now on my gap year I figured that this would be the perfect time to do it.

I have already seen loads of people signing up for these which makes me super happy and hopefully we can all collectively persuade others to start doing the same. Once a few people start, more and more people will hopefully follow until those high street brands really start to struggle to keep their business.

You can find so many amazing secondhand pieces and you know that people are most likely not going to have the same things, so you can stand out from the crowd! Also they make great project pieces, in the sense that you could paint them or cut them because you hardly paid anything for them anyway so you don’t feel as bad. This is my personal fave thing to do.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with wearing used clothing and in some ways it does have it’s perks, such as when buying leather jackets they’ve already been worn in so they’re nice and comfy. You can find some absolute gems, you just have to know where to look and with time you will become the master of secondhand shopping. It definitely takes patience because some days you won’t find anything but on other days you will find so many pieces, you just gotta keep looking.

Why buy new clothing when there is so much clothing about that doesn’t have a home? And help out the planet at the same time.

I do however have some exceptions which I have chosen to put into place. Firstly is underwear because I would definitely not feel comfortable with that being secondhand so if I do need any then I have decided that I will only buy them from an ethical slow fashion company of which I know there are many about. Obviously this will mean that they will be more expensive.

Secondly is workout clothing because again I don’t feel comfortable buying it secondhand but I already know of some ethical brands that I could get some from when the time comes and mine need to go.

Lastly is work uniform because I literally can’t get that secondhand or ethically made. I wear a branded top that I get given, so sadly that is out of my hands.

H&M skirt and Zara top

Throughout the year I will be showing off many a charity shop purchase and I hope that I can encourage many people to change their shopping habits!


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