Transitioning To An (ethical) Autumnal Wardrobe

It’s September. It’s raining. So it’s basically Autumn.

I know that everyone says that they love Autumn but…. I love it! It’s a great time of year because it’s not too hot or too cold, there’s a bit of rain and a bit of sun and ice lattes switch to regular frothy ones!

So there will no longer be any outfit posts in short dresses and no jackets and instead expect to only see me wearing Dr Martens and funky jumpers. Enjoy.

Everyone always says that dressing for autumn is hard and they’re not wrong because it can be freezing in the morning but by midday it can be boiling, which is exactly how this day went. My go to look is some sturdy boots and long trousers but then paired with a vest top or a short sleeve top and obviously a jacket. Then if it does get warm, you can still get the sun on your arms to keep up your tan.

As you may have guessed most of this outfit is secondhand and if you didn’t read my last post, then you may not know that I am only buying secondhand clothing for the next year. I bought this funky ass leather jacket from Cancer Research UK for £7.50 and it is honestly the best thing I have bought. The colour is gorgeous, it’s got shoulder pads and lets me live out my 80s dream. The greatest thing about wearing secondhand leather is that it has already been worn in so it’s nice and soft. Wearing in leather is a nightmare which you will know if you have a pair of Dr Martens.

Which transitions nicely onto my shoes. Yes they were bought brand new and are made of leather which is a very controversial topic but I wrote a whole post about the leather debate here. I have had these for over 3 years now and have worn them to death and they are looking worse for wear but I will wear them until they fall apart. Nowadays I wouldn’t choose to buy any because I don’t really support the leather industry but I did buy these when I have no idea what fast fashion was. I’m not perfect. I would happily buy secondhand leather though.

If we ignore the fact that I bought this crop top brand new many years ago and move onto these funky trousers which were only £3 and were a great purchase. I bought them thinking they may not fit but they actually fit like a glove which never ever happens because I am a very awkward size and trousers never fit.

Wide leg trousers are quite summery but I think they are perfect for those warmer autumnal days of which we will get about 2 here in the UK.

If you are wondering where this fab wall was then you can find it in Brighton (obviously) in the North Laines. There were many other people posing for photos as well, not just me.

What’s your go to outfit in the autumn?


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