Plastic Free Period Products

On my plastic free journey we have already covered a large number of topics, and next up is periods.

Now sanitary products are a necessity for all of those who menstruate and sadly they use a unbelievable amount of plastic. If you think about how many you use a month and then how many a year… that’s wayyyyy too much plastic and waste. Thankfully I have found a solution.

I discovered Time Of The Month (TOTM) on Instagram a few months ago and it was honestly their bright and colourful packaging that really drew my attention towards the brand and then when I found out that they are sustainable as well, I was sold.

(this is not sponsored or anything by the way, I just want to showcase how there are alternatives)

They are an online company that sell “100% organic, cruelty-free, biodegradable tampons, pads and liners “ which is what all brands should be! Additionally they are also very transparent about what the products are actually made of.

And to add to this list they also offer a subscription delivery and you can set how frequently you need them, which is very useful, and they support charities The Red Box Project and Endometriosis UK!

Their shipping bags are made from sugar cane

TOTM offers more than any other brand of sanitary products that I know, so when I am a bit grumpy cause I’m on my period I won’t feel as bad about the products I’m using. It’s gonna be a lot less plastic going in my bins now, which makes me very happy.

Obviously this does come at a slightly larger price tag but you are getting what you pay for, in a good way. Where as I would usually go for a pack of pads for ยฃ1 these are around ยฃ3 and you get slightly less as well, but it’s a price I am willing to pay.

They have Switch Kits for ยฃ2 which contains one of every product they sell so that you can try a range of things and see what is best for you.

When it comes to period products there are more alternatives than just going for a sustainable brand because you could also switch to the menstrual cup and not have to pay out for products every month and save some money. It produces no waste, unless you sometimes still choose to use pads alongside it. Now I know that this is not for everyone, I know many people who wouldn’t use it and other people who swear by it.

At the end of the day it does not matter what you use, and I don’t think you should be judged for what you use either!

Also for those who are interested in going zero waste, you can get reusable pads that are made out of fabric and you wash after every use or you can get period underwear which is very similar. There is a brand called Thinx that does period underwear and I have seen the pads being sold in Zero Waste shops around.

So there are so many options around, all of which are more expensive but just think of the how much you’ll be helping the planet! There would be so much less plastic sitting in landfill if people switch to biodegradable products or used zero waste products.

Would you consider switching to organic products or even a menstrual cup?


9 thoughts on “Plastic Free Period Products

  1. I didn’t realise you could get organic, sustainable pads and tampons, that’s really cool!

    I have tried the cup and I reeeallly struggled with it, which was super disappointing, because I thought it was such a great product ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I have also recently bought reusable pads, which are def more comfortable than plastic ones, but also take a while to dry after washing because you can’t just put them in the dryer, so you need to buy several at once so you don’t run out!

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