My Honest Opinion on London Fashion Week

I think that it is pretty common knowledge that the fashion industry contributes massively to climate change in terms of the resources and manufacturing and especially the waste. The Extinction Rebellion group has been holding many protests at London Fashion Week over the last few days after they called for the whole thing to be cancelled, and I am honestly very torn about how I feel about it.

I have wanted to be in the fashion industry for years and years, I love fashion! But since educating myself more on climate change and what our future holds, my view on fashion drastically changed because it’s a toxic industry and so many people and also the environment is harmed just for our clothes and that is not right. Therefore I now want to be a part of the fashion industry so that I can help change it!

I think that if many changes were made then the fashion industry could be something even better than it is right now and it could be less about the money and actually just be about the gorgeous garments. I have faith that this will happen.

I felt inspired by Tolly Dolly Posh, who is a fashion activist, to write this post as she wrote a post about why she is protesting at London Fashion Week when it was her dream to have a catwalk show there. She is very inspiring and you should definitely follow her on her socials.

The point of the having these fashion weeks is to look forward at the next season to showcase the up and coming trends but at this point I think that it’s fair to say that the future is very uncertain. Even the near future. Who really knows what next year is going to be like with all the climate affected things that have happened this year so far? While it’s great to think about next year, who really knows.

We should be focusing on the present and using this time to help us have a more positive future.

While there are some brands becoming more sustainable, there isn’t enough quite frankly. So showcasing a bunch of brands and having only 2 (for example) that are making improvements is not really enough. The fashion industry and all the brands need to make drastic changes.

As we all know, high street stores that sell fast fashion are bad and I now refuse to buy anything from them (read my post about it here) but fashion week shows more high end brands such as Burberry and Molly Goddard but they’re really not much better. Very few high end brands are ethical, Burberry for example burned millions of pounds worth of clothing because it wasn’t sold, which is a massive waste of resources and money and everything.

Therefore I do agree with staging these protests because I am hoping that it will open people’s eyes up to the negative affects that the fashion industry has on the planet and the people who actually make the clothing. If brands see what kind of affect they are having on people then hopefully they’ll do something about it and not think about the money. Money plays such a big role in all of this because most brands just want to make as much money as possible to grow and expand their business. When in reality there are bigger issues at hand such as our future.

However, shutting down London Fashion Week? No I don’t agree with that.

There are a select few brands who are looking towards the future and making changes. Take Stella McCartney who has been sourcing new materials and technologies to ensure that at the end of a shoes life, parts do biodegrade and they recycle materials as well. These may not be perfect but they are definitely a start and when large powerful names like this make changes then others will definitely start to follow.

Additionally there is Vivienne Westwood who needs no introduction. Her shows are more like political protests and a lot of her work is based around climate change and I truly admire her for everything she does because she cares so much about the issue and ensures that everyone else knows about it.

I feel like London Fashion Week should still go ahead so that Westwood can still show her collection and continue to spread the message further about climate change and so McCartney can showcase these new materials and technologies. I know that 2 brands is not enough but I know there’s time to make a change for the better which I hope we’ll see in the February fashion shows.

I’ve seen the phrase “NO FASHION ON A DEAD PLANET” a lot recently and while that is definitely true, I don’t think we should cancel fashion all together. I definitely believe that fashion can spread messages and if we manage to change the way that things currently operate then hopefully there won’t be a dead planet for a very very long time.

Am I just saying this because I love fashion? Honestly yes.

I am finding it hard to see everyone turn against something that I love so much, because it’s what I want to do with my life and I can’t really see myself doing anything else. Yes the CLIMATE EMERGENCY is looming closer than my career (it’s 5 years till I finish university) but I really hope that more and more people open their eyes so that things can start to change and we can build and more positive future where the climate is no longer a massive issue.

There are always alternatives and that includes fashion. Fashion isn’t all bad.

Maybe one day I will make it to London Fashion Week…

I would love to know where you stand on closing London Fashion Week?


3 thoughts on “My Honest Opinion on London Fashion Week

  1. Sorry, this is the first one that popped up when I started typing your name into the search bar. I think I worded my question wrong. How much would you pay for an Amazing maxi skirt, hand made by a beginning designer that just so happens to be made out of a material that will last for ten years of fairly steady wearing?


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