How To Give Up Plastic | Book Review

Just looking around my place I can see how much plastic there is and how much we rely on it everyday. Over the last few months I have been making a conscious effort to minimise the amount of plastic that I bring into my life, and while I am far from being perfect, this book has given me many more ideas on how to life a plastic free life.

So far I have shown you plastic free haircare, make up remover and sanitary products and trust me there are more on there way!

Not gonna lie, thinking about how much plastic we all own and how to just get rid of it is very overwhelming but this book is great because it breaks it all down to make it seem a lot easier.

I love how this book doesn’t have a fancy title and doesn’t sugar coat everything related to climate change, it just states straight facts. You can’t jazz up climate change, you just have to expect that it’s happening and it’s bad.

This book is written by Will McCallum who is part of the Greenpeace charity who do amazing environmental work! He starts off by laying out the facts and the truth about the plastic situation and while I thought I knew a lot about the situation already, I actually learnt a lot. I have done a lot of research in my spare time about this but if you are new to the movement (I don’t know how else to word that) then this book is for you. Just in this introduction you can learn a lot.

Did you know that during some of Greenpeace’s expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica they have been finding microplastics all over the ocean despite there being a lack of permanent inhabitants? That really shows how this one material if affecting the WHOLE PLANET!

We’ve created a disposable society where things are only useful for 10 minutes because being chucked away and all that waste has to go somewhere. We’re gonna get to the point where the world can physically hold no more if we keep on disposing everything…. which is a very sad thing to think about.

The book also goes through a brief history of trying to get rid of plastic and while we have made a lot of progress there is definitely a long way to go.

Next up it goes into actually giving up plastic full stop. I love the way that this is written because he breaks it down into different rooms of the house so you’ve got the: bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, nursery and then on the go, at work and in your community. Each chapter lays out so many different alternatives to your basic products as well as things to avoid when out shopping.

I could go on and on about each specific chapter but I won’t because that is for you read and find out.

Then at the end of each chapter there is a checklist of different items and the point is that you fill in the table with your own plastic free alternatives. Having this interactive element is very useful and makes me want to create my own tables so that I can plan out what products I am switching out and also it means I can figure out how much this is all going to cost.

Obviously everyone has very different circumstances which is why this book is fab because it gives so many different options for certain things and it doesn’t just give a list of brands that you should shop from. I understand that it is expensive and not everyone has the budget for it.

Finally towards the end of the book he lays out many steps on how to set up your own campaign in terms of writing to your local authorities or to brands or your own workplace and how to set up a peaceful protest. As some who is getting into activism, I found this so useful because I would love to create campaigns but have never really known how to go about it, but now I do!

If you or your family are wanting to make changes in your household then you. need. this. book.

My favourite quote in this book which is on one of the last pages, perfectly sums up the whole plastic situation:

Let’s accept that, like the last drink at a party, it was a good idea at the time, but it’s turned out pretty terribly

We need to do more than just get a reusable coffee cup, it’s a good start but there is more to be done by everyone.

We all need to make drastic lifestyle changes if we want to protect the planet! And if you don’t want to help the planet… well that’s just sad and rude and I have no idea why you are reading this.

Have you made any changes to your lifestyle to give up plastic?


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