Porto Secondhand Style Diaries

I apologise for my absence but it was all for a good reason as I went to Porto! If you follow me on Instagram then you may have got sick of seeing all the photos but it such a gorgeous city!

On my gap year I have planned many trips around the top European cities with this being my second and it is making super excited for the rest so expect to see loads and loads throughout the year.

While I go through the hundreds of photos that I took, I thought I would do some classic outfit of the days. I shall be posting a Tourists Guide in the next few days.

And in true me fashion, most of the clothing here is secondhand!

I always see people on social media wearing loads of different outfits and I wonder the size of the suitcase that they must bring! On the other hand I would rather take little pieces so I bring a smaller bag

The tip is to bring things that you can easily mix and match! As I was away for 4 days I went for 2 tops, a dress, a skirt and obviously a jacket and I was able to create 4 outfits out of this and they didn’t take up that much room.

I also only bought 1 hat and 1 pair of shoes because for a short trip like this it feels a waste to bring more. Lugging a heavy suitcase around the airport is not gonna be fun so pack light.


We flew in in the morning so I needed something comfy that would keep me warm as England is freezing in the morning so I went for my pinafore dress that I made (you can read the post here about it)

I got this adorable hat off of Depop and I love it, especially the colour. It also means that my Mum, who I went with, would never lose me in the crowd.

In my opinion, pinafore dresses are ideal because it means you can layer tops under or just go without depending on the weather. So there’s a travelling hack for ya

Top – Zara (I bought this ages ago before I realised the effects of fast fashion) // dress – handmade // hat- depop // belt- secondhand // shoes – new look (also bought a while ago) // tote bag- schuh


Can we just appreciate these gorgeous views !!!

Anyway I switched up the dress for this adorable rainbow skirt which was obviously secondhand and I just sewed it down a few sizes to fit. It also has pockets which are ideal and every item of clothing needs them.

These necklaces were bought from Ebay and etsy which isn’t the most sustainable because of the shipping and I realise that now.

It was a very colourful outfit today to match the gorgeous weather!

Skirt – charity shop // earrings – secondhand


On this day we went to the beach and it was super hot so I was plastered in suncream all day, and didn’t dare take my hat off.

A sleeveless top was required today and even though I bought this new I have worn it hundreds of times over the years and shall continue to do so. Its goes with everything.

The jacket I took was a denim one which is ideal for travelling but it has huge inside pockets (big enough to take a box of Portuguese tarts onto the plane). Basically my one piece of travelling advice is to wear clothing with lots of pockets!


Like the others, the last day was a hot day so I went with the dress but with no top under .

I have nothing to say about this outfit but let’s talk about the gorgeous view… we were so lucky to stay on the river side in a hostel and see the sunset every evening! It’s a very colourful city, just like these outfits so I fitted right in.

The only new thing is the earrings which are from Primark.

The weather is currently crap in England so its making me miss it here so much even though I was only there a few days ago… I shall be posting more photos and some top places to go in a few days!

Which outfit is your fave?? Have you ever been to Porto??


7 thoughts on “Porto Secondhand Style Diaries

  1. I am loving all the bright colours in your outfits!! That rainbow skirt in particular is just joyous. I went to Porto once about ten years ago and really liked it, so it’s great to hear that it’s still an awesome place to visit ๐Ÿ™‚

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