What do we want? CLIMATE ACTION.

When do we want it? NOW.

On Friday 20 September I participated in my local climate strike and it was honestly an amazing experience! I’ve wanted to go to one for a while but always made up stupid excuses not to go so this time I swapped my shift at work especially so that I could go.

I wanted to enjoy the experience rather than keep photographing so excuse the crap phone quality but it’s all I got…

Even though there were only a couple of hundred of people in Eastbourne protesting, it was still such a great experience and it really made me see what we’re dealing with. I’ve been discussing the climate change issue and the Extinction Rebellion group with small of groups of friends but never with a huge group of strangers like this so it was a new experience for me.

To march through the streets with a whole load of people with basically the same values as me, annoying all the drivers but also seeing people cheer us on from their shop windows is actually incredibly empowering! It kinda made me feel less alone because I rant about the planet a lot and I’ve had negative responses which makes me feel defeated. But being a part of a worldwide group who want the same things, makes me remember why I’m ranting in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, I get a lot of positive feedback but I seem to pick up on the negatives more… I can’t help it.

There was a wide range of ages there as well, so many different generations gathered together peacefully, which was amazing to see that the adults are trying to help us save our future.

While I am talking very positively about this march, at the same time it’s sad how we actually have to shout as loud as we can in order to save our future. As Greta has said before, we shouldn’t be out on the streets protesting, we should be at home or at work or in school. It’s sad how bad things have gotten and how many people are power are being unbelievably STUPID and not listening.

All big companies and people with power care about is money and in reality there is no money on a dead planet. There’s nothing on a dead planet and we don’t know how soon this will come… so maybe they should actually be listening to us and start helping to save the planet. Our planet. Their planet.

I know that a lot of people are listening and that is so amazing to see, but quite frankly the British government is a mess and their ignoring the important problems that face our society and are focusing on ones that no one cares about.

Right now people are peacefully protesting in all the major cities around the world, so we need to help by continuing to spread the message and calling out major companies to make. them. change. and if you’re able to join those protesting then do that as well!

We’re not gonna stop until things start to change.

Have you attended a climate change march before? If not, would you ever attend one?


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