‘Tis The Season Of Turtle Necks

I think it’s fair to say that we are in the thick of autumn now. With temperatures in the low teens it means it’s still warm enough for only a jacket but not cold enough that you need about 10 layers. With the leaves falling off the trees, it’s a truly magical time.

I love it!

As soon as the temperature starts to drop I go from wearing vest tops straight to long sleeve turtle necks and over the years I have accumulated quite the collection which means I now have one for every outfit and occasion.

Today I donned the teal one and of course I picked it up in a charity shop for a whole £1! To keep up with the secondhand theme of this outfit I also have these dungarees which have quite the story behind them.

So I found these in my Nans’s attic when I was clearing it out and even though they are in fact a childrens pair which you can tell by the front bib being super small. I took them and cleaned them on the off chance that they would fit, and they surprisingly do. What more could you want than a free pair of dungarees??

Lastly is this GORGEOUS cropped lilac leather jacket which I picked up for £7.50! I love how unique it is and it definitely makes me stand out from the crowd!

Even though I talk about secondhand clothing all the time, my past is far from perfect because I used to shop at a lot of fast fashion places without thinking of the consequences. Take this beret for example, I didn’t need a red beret but I really wanted one so I bought it when I have another beret. On the other hand I bought these red shoes with more thought because I genuinely needed some comfy shoes. Could I have been better with my choice of brand? Yes and I should have because these are already falling apart after about 6 months.

However we should focus on the future from now on and move on from the mistakes that we made in the past!

As much as I love charity shops they are also not perfect too and when you are in need of something, it’s often hard to find it. While online places are great too, such as depop, it can be hard because they’re often more expensive and you also cant try things on and with shoes this is important. Nothings perfect and sometimes fast fashion is the only option.

I pledge from now on to only buy my berets and turtle necks from secondhand sources and i encourage you to do the same.

Are any of you turtle neck hoarders???


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