Don’t Buy New Halloween Costumes

As much as Halloween is a lot of fun and games, it causes a lot of unnecessary waste that could easily be avoided.

Most costumes that you see in supermarkets and fast fashion high street stores are sold extremely cheaply, mostly made from synthetic and plastic fabrics and will most likely only be worn once before being thrown away or shoved in a cupboard somewhere never to be seen again. And that’s the gospel truth.

It’s not just parents buying them for their children, it’s also so many teenagers and young adults buying whole new outfits just for one night. It’s such an waste! You could have just as much fun wearing something you already had or the same thing you wore last year or even a secondhand costume because charity shops are always selling loads.

I am encouraging you to think about the environment this year and not buy anything new. In hindsight I should have done this post towards the start of the month but I clearly didn’t think about that. Hopefully I still have time to change your mind.

I have been seeing so many sustainability Instagram accounts talking about secondhand costumes so it’s amazing to see how the message is spreading!

Unlike most people, I’ve never really celebrated or done anything for Halloween but on the couple of occasions that I have I always thought that it was a waste to go out and buy a whole new look that you’re gonna wear for a few hours. I always went for the easy costumes because I was going out to enjoy myself and the dressing up part didn’t bother me.

In the past I have gone as Maleficent which was easy because all you need is a black dress, some space buns and a whole green and purple eye make up…. voila! You probably already have those things lying around anyway.

Another super easy one which is who I am going as this year is Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family which is a Halloween film classic. She basically wears all black and has her hair in plaits. As someone who wears all colourful make up and clothing I thought this would challenge my make up creativity as I’m not used to using darker shades. While my costume, as you can see here, may not perfectly reflect the movie one but it’s my take on the costume and if anyone asks then I’m gonna say that I’m a slightly more stylish Wednesday Addams.

I already had this gorgeous puff sleeve top that was secondhand and I actually decided to make this cute gathered skirt. I had an old black table cloth lying around so I set myself the challenge of making this and I love how it turned out! It may not be perfect but at least I didn’t buy it new and it’s the sort of item of clothing that I would wear again and again. I even sewed in a pocket, not to brag or anything…

I read that an estimated 39 million people in the UK dressed up for Halloween back in 2016, spending Β£510 million on costumes with 7 million of those costumes ending in the bin. Now I’m guessing that those statistics would roughly be the same this year, but that’s so shocking to read. That’s so much waste produced just in one night and that doesn’t include food waste and cheap plastic decorations that also get thrown away. It’s not like people are going to suffer if you were to make cakes to give out or just not give anything out at all, which is honestly what I do, or if you just make some decorations or make sure that you reuse the same ones every year.

These are all small changes to make but just think that if millions of families changed their mindset around Halloween, we could make a serious difference and slow down the harming of the environment. Hopefully.

I’d love to know what you are going as for Halloween and whether you bought it new or secondhand?


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