The Pros and Cons of Plastic Free Deodorant

In an attempt to lead a more sustainable life I have made quite a few changes and have switched out many plastic beauty products for plastic free alternatives, however while they’re better for the environment they’re not always the best.

So far I’ve looked at: plastic free make up remover, plastic free hair care products and plastic free menstrual products so deodorant is next in the series.

Over the last few months I have tried out a couple of alternatives and wanted to give you the run down because it can come in a lot of different forms so it’s all about finding the right form for you!

Overall I can safely say that they’re quite a bit more expensive… but I have noticed that they’re lasting me longer than any deodorant I have bought from the pound shop so that’s a pro to consider and to add to the list.

Cardboard packaging

So the first alternative is to pick up one in a cardboard tube as opposed to a plastic tube. Obviously this is great but if you were wanting to lead a more zero waste lifestyle then maybe not this because you still have to dispose of the packaging when you’ve finished with it.

I picked this up from my local zero waste shop for Β£6.50 which is a lot but it has lasted me over 2 months now and there’s still quite a bit left! And that’s using it a couple of times a day, so it’s useful to not have to rebuy it every few weeks.

In terms of the packaging I have to say that it still has some flaws. As you can see this tube looks very worse for wear because I take it everywhere with me and the problem with cardboard is that it doesn’t last quite as long as plastic. Also if it were to get damp for any reason then it would probably just fall apart which is not ideal at all. However it’s easy to travel with which is very useful for me, and is something I personally have to take into consideration.

I have to admit that I am not a massive fan of the product itself because I found that when I started using it that it was very irritable which is interesting because it’s made of natural products compared to most deodorant which are full of chemicals. I find it’s a big problem now but if you do have more sensitive skin then you could also find this a problem, maybe.

This one has a sort of citrus smell and that smell definitely lasts most of the day compared to other scented ones I’ve used in the past because again they’re not made of natural ingredients.

Overall it’s very practical but the product itself is not the best.

Another alternative is a

deodorant bar

So this is the t’eo solid deodorant bar from Lush which was a whopping Β£7 and that is actually not the most expensive one they do! They have a couple in store and have more variety online but then you would also have to pay shipping.

This one has a gorgeous tea tree smell and I find that the smell definitely lingers for basically the whole day which is amazing and so far I have found no irritation to occur. When I bought the product, the cashier did warn me that it is not the best for those with sensitive skin but I am yet to have an issue with it. So I have no idea what is up with my skin!

It has a powdery consistency which you would think would transfer onto clothing but surprisingly it doesn’t and as you can see it has wax (or something like that) on the bottom which means that you don’t get it on you hands when using it. Another great touch.

So far this is all sounding very positive because it’s really great…. however….. it’s really not practical in the sense that you can’t really bring it anywhere. It’s kinda big in comparison to the tube and I store it in the bag that I bought it in. I do have loads of Lush tins that I could put it in but it’s still quite bulky. As someone who is travelling quite a bit this year, I need something small and practical to squish in my backpack and this is not that.

I have seen that Lush do smaller bars so I may have to try one of those out in the future.

These are definitely both great products that I would highly recommend! Yes the price tag is larger but I still think the benefits outweigh the costs and that also goes for all of these plastic free products that I have been reviewing!

Have you or would you ever try a plastic free deodorant?


3 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons of Plastic Free Deodorant

  1. I have tried the one from Ben & Anna which is also made with a cardboard tube. This one was unfortunately pretty oily and left stains in my shirt. Tnx for the tip on the Lush bar, will probably try that one out πŸ™‚

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