24 Hours in Vienna!

Following on from my stay in Budapest I headed over to Vienna which is such a gorgeous city! Yes I say that about basically everywhere I go but I truly mean it.

Because of train times to get there and the time of my plane to come back home, I ended up only having about 24 hours to fully explore the city. This being the last full day of my trip meant that I was tired from all the walking and lack of sleep (perks of staying in hostels) but I was still determined to make the day worthwhile!

So today I wanted to show that with just one day you can still see a lot of things, if you are willing to do a lot of walking… I tried to use the subway but I honestly couldn’t understand any of the signs and didn’t fancy getting on the wrong one and ending up somewhere else… so I walked….

Hundertwasser house

I am actually a large fan of architecture and I research this person when I was back in college because his work is so unique and weird which is definitely my style. I knew that I wanted to go see this house and even though it’s only a house, I was blown away. To go from seeing pictures of it to seeing it in person was a very surreal feeling.

Just look at how amazing this house this! I want to live there so bad!

Hundertwasser museum

Just around the corner from the house is the museum which displays a lot of his artwork. I didn’t even though he painted, but you learn something new everyday. The building itself was also just as amazing as the house, even the floors inside were quirky because they weren’t flat and occasionally you would have to walk over some bumps. There were also trees growing out of the windows which is honestly just house goals.

There was also a photography exhibition which featured work from people like Martin Parr so that was an amazing thing to see as well! The entry was about 12 euros which is a expensive but as you will see from this post, Vienna is very expensive.

St Stephens Cathedral

This is definitely a huge tourist hotspot and is located right in the city centre, so expect it to be extremely busy. This is a stunning piece of art and you can even go inside for free. They do hold church services daily so you can only see part of the inside, but it is beautiful! They even have horses and carriages outside that you can get but I imagine then to be very expensive.

I also think that you can pay to go up into the tower which you would get such insane views of the city as you can see the tower from so many places around the city because it is that tall.

belvedere palace

This is a massive art gallery, home to many famous pieces of work from people like Gustav Klint. I really wanted to go in but it was around 20 euros which was a little out of my budget and I was also falling asleep cause I was so tired. If I had stayed here for another day then I definitely would have payed to look around.

Even if you don’t go in you can look around which I would highly recommend because the gardens are absolutely gorgeous. It’s a great place to sit down for a while and people watch all of the tourists.

These were the 4 main places that I visited but I did spend a lot of time just walking around the streets and photographing the architecture because it is honestly amazing. There were other museums that I would have like to have gone to such as their history museum but again it was super expensive and I got there near closing time so it wasn’t worth it.

They were setting up all of the Christmas markets so I can imagine that it was be such a gorgeous place to go around Christmas time, I think it snows there as well.

If you ever get the opportunity to go then I would highly recommend! I actually prefered Vienna to Budapest on this trip and I do wish that I got to spend more than one day here but it just means that I’ll have to come back again one day in the future which I won’t complain about.

Travelling solo is a very rewarding experience and it has definitely made me excited for my next trip which is actually in a couple of weeks time. If you follow me on Instagram then you can keep up with all of my travel shenanigans πŸ˜‰

Have you ever been to Vienna? Would you want to go?


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