A Tourists Guide To Barcelona!

Out of all of the cities I have visited this year was by far my favourite!

If you are looking for somewhere a bit manic where there’s loads of museums and tourist bits to do then I would definitely Barcelona!

As soon I arrived, I fell in love. There is so much to do that I didn’t end up doing everything I wanted to do so I will definitely have to go back one day which I am not complaining about… It reminded a bit of Paris and London in that there were so many people around compared to somewhere like Budapest which was very quiet. While that this very nice, I quite like the hustle and bustle of city life.

This is gonna be a long post because there’s so much to see in Barcelona so grab yourself a cuppa and some biscuits…

Marina and beaches

It was actually surprisingly warm and sunny which was amazing and meant that I had to go down and walk along the marina to the beach and watch the sunset. It was honestly amazing! It was also very busy and there were so many people walking around trying to sell you things or try to offer you a bike ride so I would be careful if I was you. I just ignored them and they moved on. But if you move that all aside it really is a gorgeous sandy sunny beach.

casa mila

You may have heard of the famous architecture Gaudi who’s work is all over Barcelona and this is one of the many houses. You can pay to go inside and I believe it’s a museum but I just walked past and snapped some photos. It really is a gorgeous building, a very unique style.

park guell

So this amazing park is located about an hours walk out of the main city centre but it’s a lovely walk and the views from the top of this park is really worth walking up all the hills for! There is a part of this park that you can pay to go see which contains more of Gaudi’s work but in my opinion it’s so overpriced and not worth it. You can still see it from the rest of the park so don’t fall for it.

sagrada familia

This is the main attraction in Barcelona and I very sadly didn’t get to go inside. I tried to get online tickets and couple of days in advance but they were all sold out and then when I went on the day they were like double the price so I decided to leave it for another day. I wasn’t expecting it to be so busy because it’s not peak tourist season. It is absolutely stunning so I imagine the inside is just as beautiful!

arc de triomf and park ciutadella

Because I couldn’t go inside the church I ended up wandering down another park which was located close to the beach. It’s a great place to sit and people watch and watch the world go by. I ended up watching a group of buskers and dancers for ages and was so lovely to see music bringing together a bunch of strangers. There is also a small zoo in the park as well which I didn’t go to.

las ramblas

So this is right in the city centre and is about a mile long and leads down to the beach front. The walkway in the middle is home to a lot of small souvenir stalls and then the buildings along the side are home to a lot of restaurants and fast food places and coffee shops. It’s also one of the busiest places in the city, I found. Like the beach there were a lot of people trying to sell you things so be warned and I also have heard many stories of pick pocketers so that’s something to remember if you’re planning a visit, wear your bag on your front!

Also look at the insane street performer costumes! They were so detailed! They really put the classic London yoda and pickachu ones to shame…

museu nacional d’art de catalunya

This was also on the list of places I couldn’t go in because it was unfortunately closed on the day I wanted to go. It about a 45 minute walk from the Las Ramblas and you have to walk up a lot of stairs to get there. If I go back then I definitely want to go here!

montjuic castle

If you continue on up the hill for a while then you get a to this very small castle and the view from the top is absolutely stunning! If you’re under 25 then you a reduced entry fee and you can get a ticket to the botanical gardens included in your ticket price, it’s super cheap as well. It was very quiet and it was quite nice to go somewhere peaceful for the morning where I wasn’t constantly shoving past people. You can also get a cable car up here from the beach

jardin botanico

I would definitely recommend a trip here to anyone, it was so amazing! I love a good garden and this one did not disappoint. There wasn’t many people around which made it very nice and peaceful and zen. You get to walk around all the amazing plants and admire the view of the city as well!

museu d’art contemporani de barcelona

I love a good art museum so this was definitely on my list to go to as I prefer contemporary art over classical art. Firstly the building was stunning, it was very open plan with huge glass windows and I went at sunset as well which made it look even better. There were 3 large exhibition going on from designers who I hadn’t heard of but enjoyed seeing the works of nonetheless. It was a bit more pricey but definitely worth the visit.

barcelona contemporary cultural center

This was next door to the art museum and I kept seeing all of these feminism posters around and I just knew I had to go to this feminism exhibition. It’s not on for very much longer but it was honestly amazing! It showcased photography and performance pieces from the 1970s and it was super inspiring to me as it combines things I love and am passionate about! They had loads of other exhibitions on at the same time but I just paid to go into that one and it was very reasonably priced. Again they had reduced entry for under 25s.

picasso museum

If you are a lover of art then you absolutely have to go here. I didn’t know masses about Picasso before and only knew a couple of his pieces but seeing so many of them was amazing. His work is really amazing, I love the surrealist movement so this was perfect for me. It wasn’t too expensive to go in but it was very busy so that’s something to take note if you’re planning a visit, I would go in the early morning. It takes a good hour to go around everything.

la boqueria market

The last location I would recommend is this market located just off the Las Ramblas. It sells all food produce, meat fish fruit sweets, you name it and they will have it! I didn’t get anything but all the pastries did look very very tempting! The only things I hated was the amount of plastic that everything was wrapped in, it’s such a waste.

jansana bakery

While this isn’t a landmark, it was so amazing that I have to share it! As someone who is gluten intolerant I do find it a struggle to find food that I can eat when I go abroad. Most European cities do gluten free McDonalds so I end up eating that, the UK really need to up their game… Anyway I found this completely gluten free bakery which was amazing because it was cheap and everything tasted amazing, the best GF food I’ve ever had. Even if you’re not GF and are looking for some good pastries then I would recommend it, it’s located near Casa Mila!

I stayed in the St Christophers hostel near to Las Ramblas and it was so good and reasonable priced so I’d definitely recommend.

Barcelona is definitely somewhere that everyone should put on their travel bucket list, it’s such an amazing city and the fact that the sun was shining everyday definitely helped.

Have you ever been? If not, would you ever go?


3 thoughts on “A Tourists Guide To Barcelona!

  1. I’ve been to Barcelona twice but I def didn’t go to anywhere near as many cool places as you did! Your post has actually made me want to go back there someday, so thanks for the inspiration!

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