Get The Thrifted London Look

The streets of London are some of the best for fashion photoshoots. The perfectly symmetrical terraced houses against the clean pavements make for an aesthetic background if I say so myself.

The very monochrome colours make any outfit stand out!

In my effort to persuade the world to only shop secondhand I figured I’d share more of my thrifted outfits on here, I do that a lot on Instagram so why not here too? At this point in my wardrobe, I would say that 80% of it is secondhand which I am very proud of. Past me didn’t know the consequences so shopped quite a bit in the high street but I still keep those pieces because it would be a waste to throw them and I still love a lot of them.

This outfit is about 70% thrifted.

Firstly is this rusty orange skirt which is one of my favourite pieces of clothing that I have bought if I am honest because I love the colour and the retro style and I also wear it absolutely everywhere. It is a tad tight and I’m aware it’s short but it looks good so who really cares? It’s originally H&M but I got it from Shabitat in Brighton which is basically a massive junk shop and this was on the clothing rail for about ยฃ3.

Next is this gorgeous top which I am obsessed with mainly because of the puffy shoulders. The tight bodice and sleeves really make them stand out, I love pieces that have something a lil different about them! I got this from the Mind charity shop for about ยฃ3.50 and it is originally Primark so I would have paid a similar price if I bought it new.

Lastly is my trusty denim jacket which I have most likely mentioned before because I wear it all. the. time. It was my Dad’s from the 80s which he handed down to me so I wear it with pride. It is home to my pin collection from every country that I have visited so hopefully by the end of this year it will be very very full!

I am even wearing secondhand earrings because these pink hoops were my Mum’s when she was younger.

On the other end of the spectrum is the new clothing which includes this scarf bought in the sale about 5 years ago so I am definitely getting a lot of wear out of it. I feel it such a waste to buy something then only wear it a couple of times so every winter I whip this piece out.

Lastly is my Timberland looking shoes that are actually Levis. I bought these new from TK Maxx a couple of months ago because I was desperate for good walking shoes and I find it impossible to find good secondhand shoes if I am honest. Looking at the label they were actually from 2016 so in some ways I am justifying this purchase because they were clearly left over from the collection and no one wanted them and I really needed them. I am not perfect.

This photoshoot was actually a lot of fun because my friend was tryna teach me how to model as I am not the best but I try my best! I also took these at the end of October but completely forgot that I had them on my computer, hence why my hair is ginger and my roots look awful which is why I dyed it purple. Any other bloggers out there take photos and then completely forget about them???

I would love to know if any of your new years resolutions include stopping buying new clothing!!!


4 thoughts on “Get The Thrifted London Look

  1. I think shoes (especially if you need weather-proof ones!) are much trickier to buy secondhand than clothes, because it might not be clear until you start wearing them that they’re not actually fit for purpose. I bought snow boots secondhand a couple of years ago and it was honestly not worth it because even though they were ludicrously cheap, I discovered (once I started wearing them) that they were also not waterproof!

    I read an article about global waste in National Geographic recently and one fact that blew my mind was that in 2018, 24.2 BILLION pairs of shoes were produced, globally! :O I guess the best we can do is buy fewer, but better quality pairs of shoes, so at least we’re not supporting poor quality/throwaway fast fashion…

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