My Go-To Travel Outfits

Is this just an excuse to post more photos from Marrakech…. basically yeah….

I would definitely say that my travel attire is very different to my day to day attire which is little bit more glamorous. My day to day life consists a lot of walking around shops, going to coffee shops so I tend to go for something a little more bold than jeans and a top if I’m honest. On the other end of the spectrum is my travelling get up which basically just anything that is comfy.

I definitely dress as a form of expression and I usually tend to dress as a way of standing out from the crowd and I do like that. However when I go away somewhere I tend to try and blend in as much as possible because I already look like a tourist so some times it’s nice to join in with the crowd. I mean having purple hair means that I can only blend in to a certain extent….

If you have seen all my travelling posts or follow me on Instagram then you would see that I pretty much wear the same outfits for every trip. Just a basic trouser and top combo.

On this trip I discovered the power of the bum bag and now my life will never be the same. They are so handy! It means that I can store my purse, money and keys closer to me, away from the pickpockets. Plus look how groovy this one is, I got it from Ethical Roots which is a shop on Depop. These trousers are my go to because they are quite thin which is good for when it’s warmer and are also baggy so they’re super comfortable. The only downside is the colour because if I were to spill anything then it would show up a lot….

This denim jacket, which I have mentioned more times than I care to admit, is super handy because it’s comfy and does have huge pockets. I could put my valuables in there if I didn’t want to carry around the bum bag.

Also a little recommendation, I would go for a tote bag as opposed to a backpack because of pickpockets. I can hold the bag closer to me so my stuff is safer. There’s nothing wrong with a backpack because you can wear it on your front if you really wanted to, I would just recommend a tote.

Bag- it’s one of those freebie ones from a university
Bum bag – Ethical roots
Top – New Look mens
Trousers – Shabitat (secondhand)
Jacket – was my Dad’s

This is a very similar outfit, a pair of lightweight baggy trousers combined with a basic top, with the addition of a hat.

This is not actually my hat but let’s pretend that it is… I stole it from my Mum for the purpose of this photo… but a hat is a travel essential! I tend to go for a baseball cap but if I’m feeling fancy then I’ll put on my baker boy style hat. Protect your face! (from the sun, but I also used it as a way to hide my eyes because I got a lot of comments about them in Marrakech and it kinda made me feel uncomfortable)

Trousers – New Look
Top – Zara
Hat – Primark

Now this is a slightly different outfit but still just as comfortable, believe me.

I have a story about these trousers because they were actually my Dad’s that he bought in a market when he was travelling so they are probably about 30 years old, give or take a few years. They are so lightweight and comfy and also have pockets so they were perfect for this day when we did a bit of hiking.

A baggy jumper is also an essential because it may be 20 degrees during the day but the evenings can get pretty cold, that’s not just in Marrakech. They are also very handy for the airplane and when you have to get up ridiculously early in the morning for your flight.

Lastly in my shoes which I have also mentioned a few times on here before, and I bought them especially to go travelling in. They are kinda like the classic Timberlands but are Levis, if you are going somewhere that requires a lot of walking then a good pair of shoes is an absolute must. Things like Converse are great but you do need something that is not going to give you blisters, I got these in TK Maxx.

Jumper – H&M
Trousers – were my Dad’s
Shoes – Levis (TK Maxx)

It’s definitely comfort over style when I’m abroad and style over practicality when I’m home.

If you have been or go travelling, I would love to know your go-to essential items!


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