Bringing back the 80s

While most people probably think that shoulder pads should stay in the 80s, I actually don’t mind them which is why I’m gonna keep wearing funky blazers that make my shoulders even more broad than they already are!

If I could spend the rest of my life in just one item of clothing I’d choose this jacket, yes it may not be practical but it sure as hell looks good. I could imagine being in the 80s wearing this lilac blazer with a matching pair of leather (fake obviously) wide leg trousers and a simple white shirt underneath, now that would be a look.

If I could go to any decade it would definitely be the 1980s. The fashion. The music. The films. It all seemed amazing. Now the 2000s are okay, the music is not the best if I’m honest and streetwear is just no where near as good as it looked back in the day. I just find the classic jeans a a top quite boring which is typically all you see and everyone wears a lot of black and white. While I obviously wasn’t around in the 80s to see the fashion but from what I’ve seen in photos and films it looks a lot more interesting and there’s a lot more colour around which I love, as can be seen in this particular outfit.

I have paired this blazer with an equally bright funky mens shirt to add to the whole pastel look. When I saw this shirt I just knew that I had to have it no matter how trashy it may look because the cheesier the better in my opinion.

Top tips for styling short sleeves shirts in the winter, just stick a long sleeve turtle neck underneath and you’re all good to go! Who says you can’t wear summer clothing in the winter?

Now we all know that Levis were huge in the 80s and while these may not be real Levis we will pretend that they are because they could be. High waisted denim jeans were all the rage and while they are now I am talking about mom style ones that are not typically fitted around the legs. Gonna be honest, not a fan of skinny jeans, they’re so restricting and always made me feel incredibly insecure, so I’ll take these baggy pair any day!

I personally think the hiking boots really just top off the whole outfit….. not really but sometimes I will sacrifice style for practicality because I didn’t want to get my Dr Martens covered in mud basically. For those wondering where this is, this is Glastonbury Tor in Somerset (yes it’s near the festival). Compared to all the dog walkers around in their waterproofs, I definitely stood out in this outfit but it is what I do best and try my best to do.

Outfit details:

Jacket – Cancer Research charity shop
Top – St Margarets charity shop
Long sleeve top – Marie Curie charity shop
Trousers – Monki

Earrings – Marrakech
Necklace – Vintage market

What is your favourite decade for fashion? Would you bring back the shoulder pads?


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