Get the thrifted Parisian look

Yes I am calling this look Parisian because I am wearing a beret.

I would definitely say that Paris is known for it’s fashion and is one of the 4 fashion capitals in the world. On my recent trip to Paris (which you can read about HERE), I saw many an outfit which I wanted to have! Just walking around the streets and using the metro I got a sense of the typical Parisian style which I would say is very smart casual.

I’m talking smart straight leg trouser, a little heeled boot, a smart blazer/jacket and usually paired with a hat such as a baker boy one. Honestly you don’t see many people wearing berets, just tourists and they’re usually wearing ones that have an Eifell Tower embroidered on the front. Literally every souvenir shop sold berets of every single colour that you can possibly imagine most of which are only 3 euros which is a great deal. Maybe people in Paris got sick of seeing berets so no longer wear them? I would say that’s a good theory!

Anyway I was one of those tourists that bought a beret. Not an embroidered one though, that’s far too tacky! I went for a cute pastel baby blue one to go with my collection that features a black and a bright red one, because everyone needs more than 1 beret. Gonna be honest, you truly get what you paid for, it’s mostly plastic with a little but of wool in it so who knows how long it will last.

If you are a regular reader then you may know that I have been not buying new clothes since last September. I have slipped up a couple of times to buy the things that I really really needed that couldn’t get secondhand, but I didn’t really need this beret. I do feel a little guilty about buying it but I saw it and fell in love. In comparison to how I used to shop, just buying one new thing a month is still absolutely amazing so I know that I shouldn’t feel guilty but learn next time to get some better willpower.

Yes this is supposed to be a thrifted look and all I have spoken about is my new hat. However the rest is secondhand (aside the shoes…)!

I went for a smart casual look, pairing a pencil skirt and baggy top with a nice blazer. I love this jacket so much and I actually got it for the whopping price of 99p from my local Marie Curie charity shop. It’s originally Dorothy Perkins so it’s such good quality and I couldn’t believe the price when I saw it, it goes with basically everything.

This orange skirt which I wear all the time (and actually featured in my London thrifted look which you can read HERE) was from a secondhand shop in Brighton called Shabitat and is originally from H&M. It’s one of those pieces that doesn’t quite fit, so the zip doesn’t fully do up, but I continue to wear it because I love the colour and style.

Lastly is this baggy top which you unfortunately can’t quite see, but it’s a mens plain white top that I painted an 80s design down one side. I’ve just tucked in the front for a casual look, but if I wanted to do a true Parisian look then I would have gone for a shirt or a much more feminine style top. I also wouldn’t have gone for my trusty floral Docs, but instead gone for a black heeled boot or maybe even a bright red boot? The options are endless, just look on Pinterest!

You can also just see my necklace which is actually a tiny hot air balloon that I picked up in a junk shop in Lewes, I love weird and wacky jewellery!

This was actually what I wore on my birthday last week and I feel so grateful that I was able to go out for my birthday and to spend it with my Mum as everyone in the UK is supposed to be on lockdown. I am self-isolating which means that I have so much time to write blog post so expect loads of content coming up!

I would love to know if you think I should do more of these looks based on different cities that I visit? Obviously all my travel plans are currently on hold and are having to unfortunately cancel upcoming trips, which is sad but has to be done. When all this is over, I’ll definitely be jetting off somewhere!

Are you a fan of the Parisian style? Have you been to Paris before?


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